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How to Create Interactive Infographic Insights in an Instant!

Louise Jones

We hope you are settling in to the new year! Now that we’ve had a chance to catch up from the holidays we’ve looked back at 2022 with a lens on our metrics. 

We’ve been wowed by the engagement statistics and wanted to share our news with you all. Click the image to view our Interactive Infographic on ThingLink! 

ICYMI – The Fantastic New Features Launched in 2022

Along with these statistics we had a number of updates that, judging by the scrolling, viewing figures and social media interactions, were really helpful! Over the holidays we shared a round up of the year’s most important of these new features, partnerships and developments. Here’s a recap over the following two ThingLinks in case you missed any!

How do you make interactive infographics like these?

It’s easy to create infographics with interactive elements like the ones here, created in Canva – the online graphic design and publishing platform. We have even created this as an infographic template which you can edit and share! Swap in the fonts, colors and text to make it your own. Top tip: The Canva editor contains loads of helpful tutorials to help you on your design journey.

Use your final design as a simple eye-catching static infographic, or take it to the next level and launch the super-powerful functionality of Canva+ThingLink together! Embed clickable pop-up hotspots within the visual elements of the interactive graphic.  

Why create interactive infographics?

Infographics are a great method of data visualization; in short: “a picture tells a thousand words.” They can be used to easily explain concepts for learners, for snappy content marketing or to demonstrate a process. All types of infographics can be made interactive with ThingLink – add text, images, 3D objects to your tags, or embed links, polls, quizzes, games and more.

Take a look at these great interactive infographic examples

Some of our best interactive infographics are featured in the blogs below – take a look for some inspiration and start creating interactive content today! ThingLink makes any visual content more engaging – from interactive maps, videos or animations to pie charts and graphs.

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