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ThingLink and AR Studio announce partnership

Louise Jones

ThingLink and AR Studio announce a partnership to help teachers in Romania create curriculum-aligned resources for online learning.  AR Studio, an educational technology hub based in Bucharest with studios across Romania, creates and delivers high quality content for the new educational segments: STEAM, STEM and MakeHub. Through this partnership AR studio will start representing and reselling ThingLink in Romania. This includes training educators to create virtual lessons, interactive videos, and other resources that capture teacher’s instructions to students using text, voice, or video notes. 

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Mark Abraham, the CEO of AR Studio says: “We believe that ThingLink is the go-to solution for every educator focused on online learning and interaction, and especially during the COVID-19 crisis we will strongly support all teachers and students to develop and use online content and resources. This week we had our first national tests simulated on ThingLink with great success.

For the next months, AR Studio will offer Romanian teachers free access to their facilities including ThingLink software, so that teachers can come and develop high quality learning materials to be shared with their students. The content created by individual teachers and AR Studio will be freely accessible to teachers in Romania, so that education can continue.  

We are fully committed to work with AR Studio and support their initiative to quickly equip Romanian teachers with both essential tools and skills for online content creation“, says Ulla-Maaria Koivula, the founder and CEO of Thinglink.

Click below to see an example lesson by Christian Demian, Centrul Educational Unirea.

What is ThingLink?

ThingLink is a Finnish education technology company, a pioneer in interactive image technology and a developer of a global cloud-based visual learning platform awarded with the UNESCO ICT in Education Prize in 2019

Contact information:

AR Studio, contact@ar-studio.net

ThingLink, education@thinglink.com

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Featured picture of post "ThingLink and AR Studio announce partnership"

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