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Step by Step Guide: How to Take 360 Photos with iPhone

Kyla Ball

At ThingLink, we believe that the creation and sharing of 360-degree photos should be possible for anyone, anywhere. In this blog we’re giving a tutorial showing how any iPhone user can transform their iPhone into a powerful tool to capture immersive 360-degree images using ThingLink’s Pano to 360.

Until very recently it was possible to use the Google Street View App to create 360 photospheres but this feature was discontinued in June 2023. ThingLink have developed a solution to replace this super-useful feature: Pano to 360, which converts your panoramas into 360 photospheres using AI image technology.

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Can you take a 360 photo with an iPhone?

In conjunction with Pano to 360, your iPhone is more than capable of creating stunning 360-degree photos without needing any additional hardware. While many people may think 360-degree photos require specialized 360-degree cameras like an Insta360, the inbuilt panoramic functionality on your iPhone camera is the first step to create 360-degree images. Here’s how:

Step 1: Shooting 360 Photos with Your iPhone

1. Open the phone’s camera app and select ‘Pano’ mode.

2. Hold your iPhone in portrait orientation and tap the shutter button.

3. Slowly move your phone to capture the surroundings. Try to keep the arrow aligned with the center line.

4. Tap the shutter button again to finish your panoramic photo.

For the best results, try to keep your movements as steady and consistent as possible. Consider investing in a tripod for optimal stability.

Step 2: Converting Your Pano to a 360-degree View with ThingLink

Having captured your panoramic image, it’s now time to transform it into a 360-degree photo with ThingLink’s Pano to 360 feature.

1. Upload to the free converter:

  • Upload your Image: Upload your panoramic image to the Pano to 360 Converter by ThingLink. Use the Converter or simply upload directly in to ThingLink Guided Tours. Read more about the two different options at this support article.
  • Transform your panorama to 360 Photosphere: Your panoramic image is transformed into an immersive 360 photosphere. You can then download your new 360 image if you are using the Pano to 360 by ThingLink web page.

Try the free Pano to 360 converter

The Pano to 360 photosphere converter is free to use for anyone, no ThingLink account required! Upload a panoramic image to see it in action.

Step 3: Enhancing Your 360-degree Photo

The power of ThingLink comes from its ability to enhance your 360-degree images with interactive tags. These tags can contain text, images, audio, video, and even links to other web pages. Learn all about the different tags you can add to your image here.

Step 4: Sharing Your Interactive 360-degree Photo

Once you’re happy with your 360-degree picture and the interactive tags, it’s time to share your creation. ThingLink gives you various options for sharing, including embedding the photo on your website or sharing the direct link on social media.

1. Click on ‘Share’ in the top menu.

2. Choose whether you want to embed the photo or share a link.

3. If you choose ‘Embed’, copy the code and paste it into your website’s HTML. If you choose ‘Link’, just copy the link and share it wherever you want.

Using iPhone and Pano to 360 by ThingLink for your 360 images – the perfect partnership!

Taking 360 photos with your iPhone and using ThingLink Pano to 360 to enhance them provides a powerful and immersive way to share immersive scenes and experiences with your audience. From marketing real estate to creating virtual tours, the possibilities are endless. So, get out there and start capturing your panoramas!


Isn’t a panorama 360 degrees already?

Even a 360 degree panorama photo is not a true photosphere, which is required for

Do I need an Apple/ios product to use this feature?

No! It is also possible to use Pano to 360 with android phones and other camera-equipped mobile devices such as ipads.

Is this a photo app that I need to download from the App store?

No – it’s accessible direct from your browser on the ThingLink website!

What about 360-degree videos?

Did you know? All ThingLink creators can also use the free high quality images in the ThingLink 360 photo library! Read more here.

Read how you can share your 360 images in Virtual Reality mode to view in a VR headset at our support article.

Try the free Pano to 360 converter

The Pano to 360 photosphere converter is free to use for anyone, no ThingLink account required! Upload a panoramic image to see it in action.

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