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Unmissable ThingLink Webinar: Four Fantastic New Features!

Louise Jones
Webinar Replay
This webinar aired on the 12th July 2023 – Register to view the replay!

ThingLink has been a leader in learning technologies, consistently seeking innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve.

Not only are we bringing you new ways to create Extended Reality (XR) or Mixed Reality (MR) experiences, we also aim to remove barriers for all our creators. We’re making life a whole lot easier for using 360 images taken on your mobile devices!

In this webinar we actually introduced SIX super features and tools!

  1. ThingLink AR App
  2. Pano to 360 Converter
  3. ThingLink Previews
  4. ThingLink AI Assistant Tools
  5. New Language Interfaces
  6. Accessibility Improvements

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