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ThingLink featured on Google for Education’s App Hub

Louise Jones

At ThingLink pride ourselves on working with several major education technology providers, and through our partnerships we aim to make ThingLink a valuable suite of tools across platforms and devices.

Today we are delighted to announce that ThingLink will feature in Google for Education’s App Hub. This emphasizes our credentials in being a valuable platform for digital learning and teaching globally.

As a proud Google for Education Partner, ensuring seamless integration with Google Workspace tools. You can comfortably embed ThingLink into Google Sites and to Google Classroom with our Share to Classroom feature. Embed Google Workspace Tools into the Embed Tag.

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Manage Your ThingLink Accounts Seamlessly in Your Google Workspace Admin Console

ThingLink has also partnered with Google for Education to make it easy for IT Admins to request and deploy ThingLink Unlimited Bundle Licenses to all students via Google app licensing. Complete our form to request information.

Workspace Console Integration

Manage your ThingLink School Account (student and teacher accounts) with our new Google Workspace Admin Console Integration. Toggle seats on or off by Sub-organization directly in your workspace console, meaning your management tools are all in one place

Find out more about this integration in our dedicated page here!

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Featured picture of post "ThingLink featured on Google for Education’s App Hub"

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