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6 examples of interactive maps using thinglink

Six examples of interactive maps

Some inspiring examples of interactive maps created by ThingLink users. Thanks to mobile apps like Google maps, we are now all used to using maps every day that contain multiple links and rich media. But you don’t need a complicated or expensive map tool to become an interactive map maker. No need for coding, web design experience, javascript, APIs or expensive GIS software. For a professional-looking interactive map now all you need is ThingLink – and a little inspiration from our community! Creating their own custom maps and infographics remains one of the most popular ways for people to use ThingLink. Here are some of our favourite examples which we hope will inspire you! 1.  Maps for orientation and navigating …

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How do you make interactive maps?

How do you create interactive maps?

“There are those who follow maps, and those who make them.” Alberto Villoldo  How to create interactive maps You don’t need to invest in an expensive map tool to create a super useful and engaging interactive map. Until recently, if you wanted to create your own smart interactive map you needed coding experience and GIS (Geographic Information System) software. Today, anyone who wants to create an engaging interactive map now has access to a range of free and simple to use tools for making any map interactive. What is the benefit of an interactive map? In short, making your maps, timelines and infographics interactive helps your audience with data visualization. Whilst maps can provide context to distance or place, they …

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Five examples of interactive content

5 types of interactive content you can easily create today with ThingLink September 14, 2022 / 4 minutes of reading / By Louise Jones Stuck in a content creation rut? We’ve done some of the hard work for you and chosen five outstanding examples created by our users. All show off just how easy it is to make any sort of content interactive, from maps, images and 360s to field trips. What is interactive content?  Interactive content is where users actively participate in it or engage with it Examples of this include answering a question or choosing an option, or even clicking on areas, tags or hotspots within the material to open up further content.  1. Interactive infographics Infographics help you explain your complex …

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How to create interactive content

How do you create interactive content?

What is interactive content?  The opposite of static or passive content, interactive content is one which users actively participate in or engage with. This could be as simple as clicking on a tag or hotspot, making a choice or answering a question.  The importance of interactive content The benefits of interactive content are huge, whatever sort of material you create. It’s widely claimed that attention spans are getting shorter and that it is becoming harder to stop users from scrolling past your content. This is the main reason why short form video content has become so popular on social media for example.  What all audiences are looking for is an engaging user experience. This is equally important whether you are …

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Simplified Sharing and Beta Presentation Mode

Simplified Sharing and Beta ThingLink Presentation Mode

Simplified Sharing You might have seen we have streamlined our sharing dialogue box. We’ve now made it even easier to choose how you’d like to share your ThingLink content, with a large dialogue box containing all the share options. It now looks like this! Sharing is Caring Over the last few years, we’ve increased the range of viewing modes and sharing formats available to our content creators. Your viewers can now engage with your interactive content in the way that suits them best – from VR mode to QR codes and web accessibility view. Share to View in New Beta Presentation Mode You’ll notice one of these options is “View as presentation”. This is an exciting new development which is …

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ThingLink Unlimited Pricing Offer

Education Pricing Offer: ThingLink Unlimited

Our Best Pricing Offer to Date! We’ve listened to educators who said they wanted to enable all students and staff to create with ThingLink but were limited by numbers of seats, uploads or views, they also said they wanted access to our latest ThingLink products. With that in mind we’ve created a new ThingLink Unlimited Bundle Offer for Education. The ThingLink Unlimited Bundle exclusively for academic year 22/23 includes all premium features in one package with unlimited use for your school or organization. Don’t miss this opportunity to empower your students and staff with the best interactive platform for immersive learning content development. The Unlimited Bundle includes unlimited uploads, views and seats at a fixed price for one year. Future …

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Scenario-based learning for corporate training

Scenario-based learning for corporate training

What is the future for corporate training? Scenario-based learning (SBL) is quickly becoming the industry standard for corporate learning or workplace learning and development. Why is this? Well, simply it puts learners the driving seat, literally! The most complex of challenges, critical incidents, or situations can be easily be developed into an opportunity for learning. Your learners can work through the challenges and think carefully about their choices, most importantly they can see the impact of their choices in a safe environment. In a post-pandemic world many organizations are seeing the value of the modern hybrid workplace, technology has opened up flexible opportunities for onboarding and learning and development. This is particularly true for learning remotely either at the home …

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Carmanah create multi-use interactive content for trade shows and website

Carmanah create multi-use interactive content for trade shows and website

Background Carmanah is a company based in British Columbia, Canada, that helps improve road safety with a range of products including flashing beacons, radar speed signs and sign systems. Their products and solutions are used for crosswalks, school zones, highways and many other areas where traffic and pedestrians mix. Customers include cities, towns and transportation departments across all of North America. Carmanah have used ThingLink to create interactive content since 2018. They have embedded ThingLink content on their website to demonstrate how their products work, the technology behind them and the difference they make when used to solve a traffic challenge. Their initial ThingLink content creation solved their challenge of adding a large amount of information to the product images …

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How to create scenario based learning experiences

How to create scenario-based learning experiences  

How do you create a real-life learning scenario? Step 1: What makes up a scenario-based learning experience? The 5 Simple Cs at the center of this learning theory Context – A relatable situation and surrounding real-world context that take into account place, space, modernity, diversity and culture. This sets the scene for your challenge or situation. It helps people get in the zone and begin to ‘read’ the situation. Challenge – A well outlined problem or situation set within the context, including any constraints such as completion time. It is the ideal place to set the learning intention, achievable points or other learning outcomes.    Choices – The options that are presented at a juncture in the branching scenario. The …

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Five great examples of scenario-based learning

Five great examples of scenario-based learning 

Impactful uses of Scenario Based Learning experiences for your learners Here are five great examples of where SBL would work really well – use this to give you some ideas for how you would use it in your learning and development / training programs! Health & Safety compliance training where you need to see that learners understand a procedure before giving them access to a site or equipment. They may have the knowledge but are they able to use critical thinking skills to apply them in the right way? Deciphering a dialogue and anticipating where soft skills and language can alter the outcomes. Each choice becomes a microlearning opportunity. Perhaps there is no right or wrong answer to a situation. …

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