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Six Examples of Interactive Maps

Kyla Ball

Some inspiring examples of interactive maps created by ThingLink users.

Thanks to mobile apps like Google maps, we are now all used to using maps every day that contain multiple links and rich media. But you don’t need a complicated or expensive map tool to become an interactive map maker. No need for coding, web design experience, javascript, APIs or expensive GIS software. For a professional-looking interactive map now all you need is ThingLink – and a little inspiration from our community!

Creating their own custom maps and infographics remains one of the most popular ways for people to use ThingLink. Here are some of our favourite examples which we hope will inspire you!

1.  Maps for orientation and navigating virtual visits

Keele University has created an informative interactive map of the School of Geography, Geology, and Environment campus. The map uses an aerial photo of the campus that connects to multiple points of information as well as 360-degree videos from different parts of the campus area. Included in the map view are also example reports from international field trips. For more information, see our specialized virtual tours collection and article.  

2.  Interactive maps for improved data visualization: European Fashion Trade Show Report by Fashion united

Fashion United shows how ThingLink’s tour creator layout expands this notion by combining any image into one unified experience. Their editorial team published an interactive map featuring highlights from the biggest European fashion trade shows in 2020.  Clicking on the various icons will give viewers a deeper dive, zoning into each specific region. Virtual tours are most commonly associated with 360/VR images, videos or still images of a physical space but this brings them all together in one place. For more information, full article here.

3. Dynamic informational maps: A Global Port Restrictions Map by Wilhemson Ships Service

Informational maps present essential information that is dynamically updated in real-time across the web, wherever your map is embedded. With the COVID-19 outbreak, ports imposed various restrictions on vessels and crew, it was essential to keep all the information updated and accessible to the global fleet. During the crisis, this world map was consistently one of the top viewed ThingLink designs.  Global Port Restrictions Map by Wilhemson Ships Service. More information on their website.

4. Interactive Maps for a collection of resources:  A map of virtual museums by Vermont Art Online  

Curators at the Middlebury College Museum of Art in Vermont, Sarah Laursen and Sarah Briggs, developed Vermont Art Online in direct response to the COVID-19 crisis. Vermont Art Online is a resource for teachers and families that offers virtual 3D tours of temporarily closed museums and galleries throughout the state of Vermont. Their map using a state map as the initial map design includes an informative legend image tag. 

 As well as benefiting museum visitors, the site also helps to promote art institutions’ visibility by increasing their website traffic. As curators and educators with digital media backgrounds, they used their skills and local connections to empower fellow curators. For more information, the full case study is here.

Did you know: You don’t even need a 360 camera to capture 360 images like the ones in the tour below? Read our support article on how to use Google Street View app to take 360 photos.

5. Experiential interactive maps with sound effects: Halloween tour by Europa-Park

Have fun with custom styling, icons and interactive content! 

This type of map is the ideal solution for communicating, educating, and reeling in your audience within landing pages.  To bring their website content to life, DERTOUR created an interactive map featuring many attractions in the theme park that guests can experience.  Turn up the sound! The tags might make you jump! 

Behind every pumpkin hides one of the fantastic Halloween highlights awaiting guests at Europa-Park. For more information, full article here.

6. Interactive maps for training providers: Map of the Hanford Nuclear Site by Nicholson Construction

This map provides multidimensional perspectives with aerial photography and ‘zoom’ functionality with tour tags.  Nicholson Construction are providing information in the most accessible way possible to demonstrate their work at the Hanford Nuclear Site.

How do I share my maps?

Once you have created your own map in ThingLink, you can choose from various sharing options including copying an embed code, sharing a link (eg to social media) or even sharing as an accessible webpage.

Your interactive map could even form part of a wider learning scenario, using Scenario Builder. Read more about building a Scenario Based Learning Experience at the link below.

Further inspiration and support

We hope we’ve shown you that anyone can be an interactive map creator with ThingLink. (And remember, you can use the same skills to build your interactive infographics, images and timelines). You can also see more use case examples on our blog, some including templates you can clone.

For more information on all our plans including features and pricing, as well as support and tutorials, go to thinglink.com.

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