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New on ThingLink: AI-Powered Image Generation Tools

Louise Jones

All ThingLink accounts will now include AI-powered tools (with controls) to enable educators and learners to generate base images to use with the ThingLink editor.

Effective immediately, all school, college, higher education, and business accounts on ThingLink will come equipped with AI-powered image generation tools (including controls), empowering educators and learners alike to explore their creativity and enhance their visual storytelling capabilities within the ThingLink editor.

There will be two new ways to generate images available within the create flow: using text prompts with Skybox AI to create 360-degree media and 2D images through our integration with DALL·E 3 

Controlled Access for Education Plans

Administrators will have control over access to this feature, deciding whether to enable it for both teachers and students or exclusively for teachers. All AI features are available exclusively for teachers by default

Training and Onboarding Assets Made with AI

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Bringing Literature to Life with Skybox AI

The Balcony Scene Romeo and Juliet (Credit to Rob MacRae)

Learning about AI with AI

We understand that educators worldwide are still exploring the most effective and appropriate ways to introduce AI to learners, given its novelty and rapid evolution. Using ThingLink’s AI tools for base media / image creation offers a solution for those struggling to find or capture the perfect base image, often a stumbling block in conceptualizing an idea like a Digital Escape Room or project. 

By enabling learners to generate their own images through AI, ThingLink facilitates a smoother start for first-time users, allowing them to see their ideas quickly come to life. This approach not only removes common barriers but also opens the door for learners to explore their creativity, prompt craft, vocabulary and bring their unique concepts to life.

Skybox AI for 360 Image Generation

Skybox AI by Blockade Labs is a groundbreaking AI tool that empowers anyone to generate unique, high-quality and detailed 360° visuals from simple plain text prompts and a vast selection of styles. Creators can construct 360° immersive visuals ready for annotating in seconds, no coding required.

2D Image Generation

DALL·E is an AI image generation system by OpenAI that allows anyone to create detailed 2D images from a simple textual description. ThingLink utilizes the latest version (DALL·E 3) that takes additional steps to prevent users from generating potentially harmful or offensive content.

Support Article

For more information please visit our support article here if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Featured picture of post "New on ThingLink: AI-Powered Image Generation Tools"

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