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How to Use ThingLink’s Fantastic Five New Artificial Intelligence Applications

Kyla Ball

Everyday applications of AI

We are living in an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a seamless part of many aspects of our daily life. Whilst we may still think of the more “futuristic” uses of artificial intelligence such as autonomous vehicles and robotics, AI systems have in fact become the backbone of many business processes and support systems. From supply chain optimization, e-commerce applications such as AI chatbots, fraud detection and search engine optimisation, there are very few commercial activities that haven’t been improved by the use of AI algorithms. Applications of AI can help by reducing the number of repetitive tasks that human resources may be slower to complete. AI has also entered our home and work lives (with the two often interchangeable) via entertainment services such as Amazon Alexa and Siri, Netflix suggestions and video games.

Responsible use of AI technology

ThingLink are always advocating for the responsible use of AI technology when developing solutions to help its creators work more effectively. This approach has been at the forefront of the development of five new AI tools which have been designed to assist you create content faster and more effectively.

Five Types of AI Application for Content Creation

The five applications of artificial intelligence in the ThingLink creation process will help optimize your time and give a helping hand in the creation process. Take advantage of these helpful automations to supercharge your workflow, giving yourself more time to unleash your creativity! Just think of them as your virtual assistants. The fab five are:

  • Tag Suggestions (in ThingLink’s main editor)

In ThingLink’s Scenario Builder:

  • Suggest Branches
  • Generate Questions
  • Write a Recap
  • Re-write Text Blocks

Explore the five AI Assistant Tools in this interactive ThingLink below:

Tag Suggestions

Bring your project to life instantly with five editable or deletable tags generated based on a concise description, accelerating the writing process. Feel free to tailor the AI-generated content to fit your target audience or incorporate specific product descriptions. Our AI Assistant is here to bust writer’s block and unlock unrivaled creativity.

Four AI Assistant Tools In Scenario Builder

Scenario Builder is ThingLink’s easy-to-use creation tool which replicates real-world, real-time decision-making skills by presenting the learner with a branched learning environment. Read more about Scenario Builder here.

Suggest Branches

Expand the possibilities within your scenario by generating potential pathways or directions for your learners or explorers. As with all the other AI tools, you can edit or discard the suggestions made by the tool as you wish.

Generate Questions

Use the AI tool to automatically generate thought-provoking questions that require problem-solving skills.

Write a Recap

Summarize your project effectively by producing concise and informative recaps. Quickly capture the key takeaways and highlights, ensuring that your audience retains the most important elements of your content.

Re-write Text Blocks

Refine your written content with AI-generated suggestions, ensuring clarity and conciseness for all users.

The benefits of using ThingLink’s AI Assistant Tools

We understand that commencing the content creation process can sometimes be overwhelming. This is where our AI Assistant steps in to save the day.

Our AI models, much like popular generative tools including ChatGPT and Copy.AI, employ natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to generate predictive copy and content. With your content brief as a guide, the machine learning algorithm creates content suggestions unleash your creative potential, providing tailored recommendations.

Privacy of your data

Privacy, control, cybersecurity, and accessibility are of utmost importance to us. Rest assured, your data is securely stored end-to-end within ThingLink’s own installation of OpenAI. Moreover, ThingLink School or Organization accounts allow administrators to enable or disable AI functionality for your entire team, school, campus, or organization. Head over to your organization settings to tailor the experience to your specific ecosystem. Please note: The ThingLink AI Assistant tools will not be available to students. For more information on all our plans and pricing, please visit thinglink.com.

Other new developments from ThingLink in 2023 include:

– The ThingLink AR App
Pano to 360
– New languages introduced to the ThingLink interface: German, Italian, Spanish – with Hindi, Dutch, French and Portuguese coming soon!

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