Featured picture of post "Explore this Interactive World Map by the Daily Mail"

Explore this Interactive World Map by the Daily Mail

Andrew Beelitz

The Daily Mail uses an interactive map within their editorial article to showcase what British food favorites are missed most when moving abroad based on the most commonly exported goods from home. 

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Depicting this type of information can be done through a chart or long list, but this is far less visual and engaging. Using an interactive map allows the Daily Mail to keep the article shorter and presents information in more user friendly way to readers. For example, maybe I am from Britain and living in the United States. I can instantly hover over USA on the map learn that the most common exports are Heinz Baked Beans, Warburton’s Crumpets and Robinsons Squash. 

Explore the Daily Mail interactive map: 

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Featured picture of post "Explore this Interactive World Map by the Daily Mail"

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