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How To: Accessing and Interpreting your Image Statistics

Andrew Beelitz

With digital content, it’s key to not just create awesome content but also to track how others interact with it. It’s not worth investing your time in the creation process if your material isn’t performing the way you want it to. With ThingLink metrics, track how your creations perform and use that information to continually improve your material!

ThingLink statistics are included for all of your images, videos, and 360 images with any of our paid plans. Here we’ll go through all the included data, how to manipulate it, and how to interpret it from top to bottom. To access your image statistics, click the stats button right beneath your image or video that looks like a chart. 

Image Activity

The first section displays the amount of view, hovers, clicks, and average time for your image. Select the rectangle with the type of engagement you wish to see in graphic format. This data is important for tracking the success of your image and for gauging the efficacy of using ThingLink to increase engagement. Hover over tags below to learn about each data type.

There are a couple of ways to view and manipulate this data. On the right switch between unique and total. Total will either show you all engagements of the type selected (views, hovers, clicks, time) and uniques will show only the number of engagements for unique viewers. So if one user views your image 50 times, only one view will show for that user.

On the left, select a date range for the data. Use this to view engagements from a specific time period.

All Time Statistics

This section displays metrics for your image over its entire lifetime. Use this section for an at-a-glance look at how your image has performed during it’s existence. This section also provides helpful analyses comparing hovers and clicks to views. Hover over tags below to learn about each data type.

Tags All Time (Unique)

This section reports data for each tag on your image. Use this data to track how viewers interact with your tags and to plan future images. If image tags are getting more attention than text tags, you can use the information to make future images more attractive to viewers. Click on the headers for each data type to view the list in order from low to high and click again to view from high to low.

Each tag shows the number of hovers and clicks for that tag as well as the click to hover ratio. This shows you what percent of people, after hovering, decided to click through on tag content.

Interaction time tells you how long viewers had the tag open. This number will likely be longer for video tags or tags featuring an interactive element.

Select the graph link to view this data in graphic format.

Embeds All Time (Unique)

This section relays how the image is performing at different embed sites. This can be used to compare multiple platforms (Facebook versus your blog) as well as to track virality. Should your image spread online, you’ll be able to see everywhere it was embedded here.  Click on the headers for each data type to view the list in order from low to high and click again to view from high to low.  

On the left, see where the image has been embedded. Click the link to head straight to that embed. Next, see the number of times the image has been viewed, hovered on, and clicked (in that order) at that embed location. Last view when the image was embedded at that location.

Further Exploration

Want to do more with your data? Head to your profile to export the data. On your profile select the stats button. Here you can find information about all of your images. At the bottom of the page, click the export button to download a spreadsheet with your metric data. 


Want to access the statistics for your ThingLink creations? If you already have one of our paying plans just select the stats button beneath any of your images or videos. If you’re still on the free plan, you can upgrade at any time right here. 


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