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Discover Immersive Learning with ThingLink and Adobe Express!

Louise Jones
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What a webinar! “Discover Immersive Learning with ThingLink and Adobe Express,” draws upon insights from the recent BETT Education Technology Show. This event spotlighted AI’s pivotal role in shaping future educational ‘Pedtech’ practices and earmarked Immersive Learning as the trend to watch in 2024.

Webinar Highlights:

  • BETT 2024’s AI and Immersive Learning Insights: Unpack the latest trends and innovations in AI-driven educational technology, with a special focus on BETT’s prediction of Immersive Learning as a defining trend for 2024.
  • Hands-On Demonstrations: Witness firsthand how ThingLink and Adobe Express use AI to easily create content, making it more immersive, interactive, and impactful.
  • Interactive Q&A Session: Pose your questions to our experts and delve deeper into the integration of AI tools in education and education in the era of AI.
“Immersive learning can take textbook lessons and build extraordinary worlds for students to explore and learn, hands-on.”
BETT (4 of the Biggest EdTech Trends in 2024)

Hosted by Louise Jones from ThingLink, along with Dean Stokes from Adobe Express, this session is a deep dive into leveraging AI-powered tools to craft immersive learning experiences effortlessly.

Featured Speaker:

Dean Stokes, Adobe Express (Special Guest Star): Well known and much-loved in the edtech community and a long-standing colleague of Louise, Dean will illustrate how Adobe Express’s AI capabilities can empower educators and students to create captivating narratives through visuals, videos, and web pages.

Post BETT Bonanza!

Louise and Dean will also cover some of their thoughts from their presentations on the panel for the Google for Education ‘Creativity Session’, where Louise focussed on the fact that Immersive Learning is ‘not just about headsets’ and Dean demonstrated the ease of creating images fit for purpose for both teachers and learners.

What is Adobe Express for Education? 

Adobe Express for Education is a free offer for K-12 schools and districts. It gives students and educators everything they need to confidently create standout graphics, photos, presentations, webpages, and videos. Adobe Express lets students and educators express themselves in unique and beautiful ways inside and outside the classroom.

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By participating in this webinar, you will:

  1. Leverage AI for Immersive Content Creation: Learn to use ThingLink and Adobe Express to craft AI-enhanced images, videos, and virtual tours, offering students a rich, hands-on learning experience.
  2. Innovate with AI in Visual Storytelling: Discover how to utilize Adobe Express’s AI features to produce compelling educational content that inspires  and resonates with students.
  3. Adopt AI-Driven EdTech Tools: Acquire actionable insights and strategies for incorporating AI into your teaching; enhancing engagement, and elevating learning outcomes in the AI era.
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Featured picture of post "Discover Immersive Learning with ThingLink and Adobe Express!"

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