How to Make an Interactive Poster with Hidden Icons

Andrew Beelitz


Though ThingLink provides a whopping 98 pre-loaded tag icons, and even lets you upload your own, sometimes you want to indicate interactivity in the actual background image.  Don’t stress about overlapping graphic elements,  use hidden icons!

Why Hidden Icons Rock

You’ve worked long and hard on your background images. We all know professional photography and graphic design doesn’t come cheap or easy. So when you add interactivity, you may not want to cover up the whole image with icons. Keep your interactive tags, but lose the icons by using hidden icons. The invisible spot will still generate a content bubble, but until your viewer mouses over, the image stays clean and streamlined.


How to Hide Your Icons

Hidden icons are literally one click away.

After creating your tag like usual, click the box below tag styling that reads “Hide icon.” The icon will promptly disappear, leaving a minimalist look behind. Can you find the hidden icon in the below image?



Ways to Use Hidden Icons


Idea #1

You might have detailed graphics built into your background image. Using an icon on a busy infographic could make the image more difficult to read. Dallas News uses hidden icons in many of their images for just this reason. This image illustrates how famous bands got their names. Viewers can both see the beautfiul artwork and learn about the bands because of the decision to use hidden icons. 


via Dallas News

Idea #2

Here’s another idea that hasn’t even been done yet: use hidden icons to create a challenge for your viewers. Have them search your image for secret clues in the form of an invisible tag. This will encourage engagement with your media, while gamifying your marketing! Search this image to find a 10% off code for ThingLink: 



Want More Examples?

Check out even more here:



So, how will you use hidden icons in your images? Show us in the comments! Don’t forget to take advantage of that hidden discount code in the last image for savings on your next ThingLink purchase. 

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