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Explore Cincinnati Orchestra In a 360 Interactive Virtual Tour

Andrew Beelitz

Take a virtual trip directly into the conductor’s chair of the Cincinnati Orchestra – with this interactive 360° tour of Music Hall, Cincinnati. Learners can navigate through each section of the orchestra, as well as different part of the concert hall itself, hearing specific instruments in the background, seating arrangement locations, and explore embedded Wikipedia pages on each instrument. Each 360 scene has a different piece of orchestral music playing in the background, with information on each piece embedded in an information tag within the scene.

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Explore this interactive 360° tour below: 

How you can create your own 360 virtual tour

ThingLink 360° tours like this can be viewed on any device, screen size, and also within VR headsets when VR mode has been activated as it has here. This content was captured with a Go Pro 360 camera. 

Now you can easily create your own 360 images simply using your camera phone! Pano to 360 by ThingLink is a completely free solution which allows you to convert any panoramic image from any mobile device into a fully immersive photosphere. No ThingLink account required – simply upload your image, convert, and download for free.

Read more at our blog here: ThingLink’s New Pano to 360

Further virtual tour examples for you to explore

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Featured picture of post "Explore Cincinnati Orchestra In a 360 Interactive Virtual Tour"

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