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Why we recommend switching to ThingLink’s new unified editor!

Andrew Beelitz

Our new interactive editor offers a wide range of enhanced features and much more flexibility than the previous editor.  Note that if you change to the new editor it won’t alter previously uploaded content and is only be activated for new uploads.  As of today, we support four different types of media that you can make interactive: images, videos, 360 images, 360 videos.  Each of these four media types will have the same exact feature set and interface once opened in the new editor.  Continue reading for a summary of the main highlights and why we believe you should switch to the more powerful new editor. 


1) Customizable tag layouts: we offer five unique layouts (and growing) that are ideal for your classic image, text and web link tags.  These include a general tag, image on top of text, image only, text only and e-commerce.  Each layout has color styling controls.   Within these tags you can include text, call-to-action, multiple images and audio. 


2)  Responsive on any screen size: the new editor is built with mobile in mind and every tag layout works flawlessly on all screen sizes including mobile, tablet, desktop and large touch screen devices.   Additionally, all icons are SVG (scalable vector graphics). 

                             IMG_3763  IMG_3764  IMG_3761

3)  Add rich media with embed codes: previously you had to copy and paste URLs into tags and ThingLink had to have a tag built for that specific media.  The new editor is much more flexible because the support of embed code allows you to add any type of media into your ThingLinks.  For example, try embedding a Google map, SlideShare deck, or Survey Monkey poll into your tag. 


4)   Seamlessly create tours and slideshows directly from the editor: you can now select scenes from your profile to transition into without leaving the editor.  Additionally, you can upload new scenes directly from the editor for the transition feature.  Read more about Tour Creator.


5)  Easily add multiple images and audio into any tag layout: every layout supports multiple images within a tag and you can also incorporate GIFs and audio clips to further immerse your audience. 


6)  Layer beautiful 360° images over your images:  this feature gives you the power to transport viewers into a 360° experience or preview a physical location directly from an interactive image.  Imagine having a floor plan and adding a 360° image previewing each room. 


7)  Upcoming improvements: 

  • 2x zooming and architectural projection for 360 image and videos
  • 5-10 native fonts
  • Add your own logo 

If you have any feedback, questions or feature requests about the new editor please email contact product@thinglink.com


Watch this short how-video on the new editor

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Featured picture of post "Why we recommend switching to ThingLink’s new unified editor!"

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