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ThingLink’s #lookingfor campaign puts you on a digital billboard

Andrew Beelitz

Just last week we found out that ThingLink won a full month of advertising space in a little known Western Finnish town called Seinäjoki.  What makes the win particularly special is the fact that we didn’t know about the competition, nor did we sign up for it — it was a beautiful practical joke by one of our dear users. Even if we haven’t really thought about Seinäjoki as one of our hottest markets, it would be a shame to pass up this  opportunity.  Instead, we’re quite excited about owning the billboards of Seinäjoki for the month of September — together with our users. 

ThingLink was built to give context though connections — connections between people, everyday objects, stories, practically anything. As our product, we set to develop an easy way to add a new dimension to the visual web so that an image would always carry additional details, and these details would add to the story of the image. An image thus works as an invitation to discovery. 

When thinking about a good theme for the campaign, we realised that everybody is looking for something. Maybe a lost pet, peace of mind, a piano teacher, a special lady friend, motivation, a co-founder, or a business connection. Advertising –especially mass advertising on city billboards — has traditionally had very little to do with the things we really want to find. 

In this campaign, we wanted to add context and personal meaning to one of the most traditional forms of advertising while highlighting creative members of the ThingLink community. 

Design a billboard ad about what you’re #lookingfor

There are two templates to choose from:

1) Freestyle: anything as long as it’s appropriate and in landscape.

Log on to thinglink.com, create an interactive image, and submit it (www.thinglink.com/scene/123456..) via our creative challenges page.

2) 140 character poster:

Post a 140 character description about what are you looking for to Twitter or Facebook. For example: “I’m #lookingfor a co-founder for my amazing new startup called Awesome” #thinglink.  We will turn the best ones into a poster.

Then just wait and see what happens…!

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Featured picture of post "ThingLink’s #lookingfor campaign puts you on a digital billboard"

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