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5 Enhancements to ThingLink 360°  

Andrew Beelitz

Since we released ThingLink 360 last year, our team has gathered tons of feedback and feature requests from many user groups.  This batch of enhancements includes many of the top 360 requests from our users in 2017, and we’re excited to share them with you in this blog post.

Our team has many more enhancements planned and ThingLink 360 will continue to grow more powerful in 2018.  We take user requests very seriously, and they play a heavy role in what is created.  Feel free to drop us a note with features you want added to ThingLink 360


1) Text labels for hotspots:

Labels give your viewers a preview of what they should expect to find under the hotspot.  It also improves the user experience of navigating between different 360 scenes in your tour. 



2) Tour navigator toggle: 

Tour navigator allows viewers to easily move between the different scenes within your tour.  Click the caret to collapse and open the tour navigator. 



3) Preloaded icons: 

Access over 300 preloaded icons that include many popular graphics and color schemes.  Preloaded icons simplify the creation process and saves time for ThingLink 360 creators. You can still upload your own custom icons. 



4) Titles on 360: 

Exactly as it sounds! Titles improve the tour use case by giving smoother transition for viewers as they move between scenes. 



5) View 360 player card: 

Previously said “Play” which didn’t differentiate a 360 from a standard video.  We wanted to include “360” in the player card to better capture the attention of viewers by showing this is unique and new technology.  In the future, we plan on giving users control of the text that appears here. 


Want to learn more?
 Click to schedule a 20min screen share demo with me at a time of your choice to learn how to create interactive 360 content with ThingLink. Or, email me directly andrew@thinglink.com


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Featured picture of post "5 Enhancements to ThingLink 360°  "

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