ThingLink Spotlight: Interactive Map using Tour Creator from FashionUnited

ThingLink user:  FashionUnited (click to explore live page) – Virtual tours are most commonly associated with 360/VR images, videos or still images of a physical space.   FashionUnited shows how ThingLink’s tour creator layout expands this notion by combining any image into one unified experience.  Their editorial team published an interactive map featuring highlights from the biggest European fashion trade shows in 2020.  Clicking on the various icons will give viewers a deeper dive into each specific region.  Click on London to explore an interactive image featuring London shows.  Click back on the top left corner to revisit the original map and continue exploring the remaining regions.  Viewers can seamlessly navigate between interactive images of Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid and more directly from the single map view of Europe.  You can use the tour creator layout to create image carousels, presentations and deep dive maps, infographics or learning exercises.  The possibilities are endless! 

[Highlights from the biggest European SS20 trade fairs]: Tour Creator Map

Pro Tip:  Use ThingLink’s tour creator layout to combine any media type together into one unified experience.  You can creatively combine multiple images and videos into one experience like FashionUnited does in this map.  Click the slideshow button on the bottom right corner of the map to navigate between different scenes.   Or, click the “Back” button on the top left corner to navigate back to the previous scene. 

[Regional highlights]: After clicking into the various regions from the map above 

Pro Tip:  Notice how there are subtle movements when each of the number icon tags above open?  FashionUnited uses GIF files within these tags to add an extra level of dynamic content that further captures viewer attention.  You can use GIFs within ThingLink tags to highlight a specific product feature, breakdown how machines operate in a learning setting, or simply to improve the design and dynamic nature of your interactive content.  

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