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Euromate Creates Interactive Infographic for Product Marketing

Andrew Beelitz

Air quality experts Euromate use a ThingLink interactive infographic to market some of the services they provide.  Poor air quality creates an unhealthy workplace that leads to unpleasant health conditions and polluted indoor air can arise in different places due to various causes. Navigating the office building infographic below will teach you about these issues and how to get in touch with Euromate for office air cleaners.

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Explore the Euromate interactive infographic: 

Interactive Infographics for Product Marketing

Infographics are the best way to present a lot of information in a clear and simple way. Making them interactive in ThingLink takes them to the next level and allows you to add all types of media from images, text, video, GIFs, 3D objects, links, embedded pages, apps and tools. Learn more in this selection of blogs:

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Featured picture of post "Euromate Creates Interactive Infographic for  Product Marketing"

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