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Three Ways Interactive Visuals Can Help Increase Civic Engagement

Andrew Beelitz

Communicating with constituents and encouraging civic engagement is not a simple task. Public institutions often have complex information to relay, reluctant participants, and do all this while competing with other forms of media for attention.

Interactive images and videos are a great way to streamline communications to make them digestible, effective, and fun. Replace long, wordy documents with easy to read graphics that merge digital and written content in a way that connects with constitutents. 

1) Complex Process, Simple Communication

Here, the City of Tea Tree Gully in SA, Australia, uses interactive flowcharts to simply and effectively communicate the development application process. A dry and complicated process becomes straightforward and palatable with this participatory image. Potentcial applicants can easily visualize the course that lies ahead.

via City of Tea Tree Gully 

2) Interactive Updates on Social Media 

In this next use case, the PM of the Netherlands speaks to his constituents where they are, on Facebook. Instead of keeping information about his administration difficult to access and removed on a little-used government website, this ThingLink Facebook tab keeps his Cabinet and projects right where constituents will see them. Interactivity allows them to watch eyecatching videos instead of reading dreary policy papers. 


via Prime Minister Mark Rutte

3) Informative Infographics to Encourage Electoral Engagement

Finally, before an election in Moutier, Belgium, the Canton of Berne clearly displays key information about its role in Moutier. With color coded icons and tags, it’s easy for residents of Moutier to see why they should belong to the Canton of Berne. Instead of lengthy paragraphs with reasons to turn out, this simple graphic shares the same information more efficiently and in a more appealing manner.

via Canton of Berne

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