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Using ThingLink Interactive Content in Real Estate

Andrew Beelitz

Many real estate agents from small local shops to large commercial brands are leveraging interactive content to tell more visual stories or market properties more effectively.  In this blog post you will learn four project ideas for using ThingLink interactive content in your real estate marketing, communications and property tours. These include 1) schematic floor plans 2) concept designs 3) project site maps and 4) property tours. 


Take your flat schematic floor plans for homes, apartments, hotel suites and commercial spaces and make them actionable with ThingLink hotspots.  The most common use case is to include images within the tag of each room.  Click on the camera icons below to get an immediate view of the look and feel of a particular room.   This allows customers to browse the rooms they are most interested in without having to scroll through a long carousel. 



Respond to your request for proposals, impress company decision makers, or communicate to clients with an interactive concept design.  While this example happens to be an interactive video, you can easily make a concept design through regular images or 360° images.  Watch the video below and hover over each of the tags to reveal a text label describing what you are seeing in the video.  


3) Property Site Maps:

Keep homebuyers up-to-date on the status of each listing within a large property site using an interactive map.  In this map the red icons indicate a property is sold and green icons highlight availability with a link to see each specific property’s listing page.  This is a quick and easy way for potential customers to get a snapshot of what is available and learn more about each listings.  Whenever you update your ThingLink it will automatically update real time wherever it is embedded meaning you don’t have to re-share every time a change is made to the map or listing is sold. 


4) 360° Property Tours: 

Transport potential customers directly into the physical properties you are selling with 360° property tours.  Notice in the example below there is a radar view on the top right corner for viewers to see where tags are located.  On the bottom right corner you toggle between the different scenes in the tour and each ThingLink 360° has an accompanying Virtual Reality (VR) headset option powered by WebVR.   With WebVR you can consume content in any number of headsets from Google Cardboard to Oculus and HTC Vive. 

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Featured picture of post "Using ThingLink Interactive Content in Real Estate"

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