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Image of the Week: Interactive GIF Infographic from Sun Leisure

Andrew Beelitz

ThingLink user: Sun Leisure (click to explore live)

Description: The global bee population has been plummeting at an alarming rate over the last several years and scientists fear this will have a huge negative impact on the Earth given the importance of bee pollination.  Sun Leisure creates a stunning interactive infographic using ThingLink to detail what is causing this rapid decline and ways it will effect the world we know today. Explore these facts by hovering over the flying bee icons in the graphic below.  

Pro Tip: Incorporating GIFs into ThingLinks is a great way to bring motion to normally still graphics. GIFs can either be used as the background image that you upload to ThingLink, as hotspot icons, or within tags.  Read this post for three ways you can use GIFs in your interacitve content!

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