Featured picture of post "Image of the Week: Interactive Map from Todo-Mail"

Image of the Week: Interactive Map from Todo-Mail

Andrew Beelitz

ThingLink user: Todo-Mail (click to explore live)

Description: The countries of Latin America are famous for their ellaborate and beautiful dance routines. Todo-Mail collected all of the typical traditional dances across Latin America and presented their findings in an shareable interactive map.  Hovering over each country will reveal a YouTube video that details their traditional dance routines like Brazil’s Samba or Dominican Republic’s Merengue. 

Pro TipThingLink Professional provides many powerful customization options that lets you create interactive projects that match the look and feel of your site or infographic.  Control the color of your tags like Todo-Mail does here for each country’s video hotspot. 

Interactive map: 


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Featured picture of post "Image of the Week: Interactive Map from Todo-Mail"

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