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Image of the Week: Covering major news events with ThingLink

Andrew Beelitz

ThingLink user: Univision Map & Local 10 News 360 Tour (click to explore live)

There is an infinite number of creative use cases to use ThingLnk for covering major news events with interactive media.  As digital storytelling shifts to visual media, ThingLink allows you to tell a complete and unique story through the vehicle of an image, video or 360 image.  In this weeks image of the week we feature how two media publishers covered Hurricane Irma’s path over Florida with an interactive audio map and 360/VR experience. 

1) Interactive Map from Univision:  Univision uses ThingLink to bring viewers into the path of the storm by listening to audio clips of what Irma sounded like in different parts of Florida. Using audio within images is a great alternative to text heavy information. 

2) 360/VR tour from Local 10 News MiamiUsing 360 images is the most visually captivating way to bring your audience directly into the experience of a news event from their computer.  Here Local 10 News Miami details the power and destruction from Irma and what emergency service crews and residents are facing. 


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