How to: Creating interactive 360s on-the-go with Teleport 360 Editor

Andrew Beelitz

While creating interactive 360 images was previously limited to your browser, ThingLink is happily announcing that we are releasing our brand new mobile editor, Teleport 360! Use Teleport 360 to quickly create beautiful, immersive 360° experiences right from your tablet. Not only can you upload your own 360 photography, with Teleport you can also choose from a wide selection of stunning images, preloaded in the app. Read on to learn exactly how to get started.

Downloading the App

Teleport 360 can be found in either the App Store or the Google Play store and is available for free download. In order to sign in and use these features, you must have a Premium level business or education account. Try it out with a 14 day free trial!

Importing Your Own Photography

After logging into the app, you’ll see two options My Media and Library. Stay on My Media to use your own images. On the left we see any 360 images that are already in your account. Tap on any of those to continue editing, access sharing information, or delete. To upload a new 360 image, just tap Upload Media and select the image from your device’s photo library. The photo will be added to the My Media section. Just select the image and tap Edit to start adding tags!

Selecting Pre-loaded Images

Don’t have your own 360° images? Don’t worry! Just tap on Library. There, on the left, you’ll see a selection of 360 photography from around the globe. Tap on any thumbnail to view the full image. If you want to tag it, use the Add to My Media button beneath the full view of the image and the image will be saved the My Media section so that you can begin to edit.

Tagging in 360

After opening your image of choice in edit mode, use the plus button on the left to add tags.

Choose between image, video, embed, and transition. Each let’s you add a different multi-media element, as well as features like audio files and captions. Check out the interactive slideshow below to see all the features included in each tag type.

When your image is all done, tap save to keep your edits.

Sharing Your Creation

After tagging your image you can share it across the web. Select your completed image in My Media and beneath the preview, tap share. Here you can access the link, embed code, and social media options. Share away and let everyone see what you’ve created!

Need some inspiration? Take a look at some amazing 360 creations from other ThingLink users. When you’re ready to start tagging, head to the App Store or Google Play store to download, and sign up for a Premium Account free 14-day trial.


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