Featured picture of post "Image of the Week: Interactive 360° tour from FashionUnited"

Image of the Week: Interactive 360° tour from FashionUnited

Andrew Beelitz

ThingLink user: FashionUnited (click to explore live)

Description: This interactive tour from FashionUnited consists of six 360° photos, which enables readers to pay a virtual visit. Clicking on the arrow hotspots will take readers on a journey from the entrance into all the spaces. Each photo contains interactive elements, including pictures, videos or audio. Click on the buttons to unlock the content.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 6.06.59 PM.png

Pro Tip: Use audio within tags to give your audience an extra layer of immersion.  Audio is the perfect substitute for text when consuming 360° photos, especially in virtual reality headsets.  

Interactive 360°/VR tour:


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Featured picture of post "Image of the Week: Interactive 360° tour from FashionUnited"

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