ThingLink Tour Creator: Build Educational Experiences

ThingLink user: Interactive World Tour – (built with tour creator) 

Description:  Our new tour creator feature opens the door to endless creative possibilities.  With tour creator you can seamlessly build any ThingLink media (images, videos, 360 images) into a unified tour experience.   One great use case is to use a 2d image like a map or floor plan as your “home” or “base” image.  You can transport your viewers to different locations on the map, allowing them to learn more and eventually return to the original map to continue exploring different locations. 

Use Case 1 – Interactive World Tour:  interact with the map below to learn more about prominent locations in the world by clicking the compass icons.  Click the home button within each scene to return to the map view.   

Use Case 2 – Interactive Floor Plan:  explore the floor plan below to see the various rooms and features of this new home.

 Want to use ThingLink for your business? 

Click to schedule a live screen share demo with me at a time of your choice to learn how to create an interactive educational experiences with ThingLink’s tour creator.  Or, email me directly
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Watch this 13 min. recorded demo that goes over project ideas, how to make a ThingLink, as well as account recommendations. 

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