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New Webinar: Discover Immersive Digital Learning in Higher Education

Louise Jones
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Are you an educator, instructional designer, or higher education professional seeking innovative ways to engage your students? Our upcoming webinar, “Discover Immersive Digital Learning in Higher Education,” is designed just for you. This comprehensive session will explore a variety of immersive learning experiences, including virtual tours, escape rooms, interactive labs, and augmented reality galleries. Host Louise is joined by the expert Instructional Design team from The Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences, Sarah Dove and Jessica Henderson. Their previous case study is here!

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Webinar Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding Immersive Learning: By the end of this webinar, you will have a deep understanding of various immersive learning experiences and their impact on higher education.
  • Exploring Virtual Tours: Learn how to create and utilize virtual tours to provide students with engaging, interactive learning environments.
  • Introduction to Digital Escape Rooms: Gain insights into the basics of digital escape rooms and how they can promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills among students.
  • Implementing Interactive Labs and accessible AR Galleries: Discover the benefits and methods of integrating interactive labs and augmented reality galleries into your curriculum.

What to Expect in the Webinar

  1. Introduction to Immersive Learning:
    • We’ll start with an overview of immersive learning, discussing its significance and potential impact on higher education. You’ll gain a clear understanding of how these experiences can enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.
  2. Introduction to Digital Escape Rooms:
    • Our experts will introduce you to the rationale behind using Digital Escape Rooms as an immersive learning experience. We’ll explore the Victorian Opiate Crisis in the style of Sherlock Holmes, elementary my dear Watson! 
  3. Implementing Interactive Labs:
    • Discover how interactive labs can help orientate students to experiment and learn in a virtual environment. We’ll explore different tools and techniques to make your labs engaging and educational. 
  4. Augmented Reality Galleries:
    • Learn how to use augmented reality to create accessible galleries that bring abstract concepts to life. We’ll show you how to integrate AR into your curriculum to provide students with a unique and immersive learning experience. AR galleries are perfect for art, design, and architecture courses, where visualizing complex ideas in three dimensions can enhance understanding.
  5. Insights from The Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences Instructional Design Team:
    • Gain valuable insights from the Instructional Design team at The Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences. They will share their experiences and best practices in implementing immersive learning experiences in higher education.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your teaching methods with immersive digital learning. Whether you’re looking to enhance student engagement, improve learning outcomes, or simply explore new teaching tools, this webinar provides the insights and inspiration you need.

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Featured picture of post "New Webinar: Discover Immersive Digital Learning in Higher Education"

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