ThingLink of the Week: Interactive video crime scene walkthrough from Met Police UK

Creator: Met Police UK (click to explore live)

Description:  During the 2015 Easter holiday, seven gang members broke into a Hatton Garden vault and would eventually steal around £14 million in gold and jewelry were found guilty in court last week.  Met Police UK uses ThingLink to give their readers a step-by-step walkthrough of the robbery featuring a variety of discoverable call-to-action links throughout an interactive video.  View the fire escape door that was used for entry, the elevator that was disabled, or the chaotic scene the gang left behind in the hallways corridor without leaving the experience of the video. 

Special mention: This interactive video shows the virality potential of a well executed ThingLink.  NPR, Standard UK, City AM ,and Independent UK all embedded this video onto their websites after seeing it on Met Police UK’s website. 



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