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How to: Using ThingLink to Enhance Email Marketing Campaigns

Andrew Beelitz

After creating your interactive masterpiece you want to share it as many places as possible. One option for sharing your ThingLink is with email. Unfortunately, many major email clients including Gmail and Yahoo do not allow embedded media due to security and spam concerns. Though you cannot embed your live Thinglink image, you can still incorporate it into your email campaign to drive click throughs back to your site. 

#1 Drive to interactive content via linked screenshot

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 9.48.11 AM.png

(the above screenshot is linked, click through to see the full image)

First take a screenshot of your ThingLink image. I suggest doing this with one of the tags open so that viewers get the idea of what your interactive image has to offer. Then insert this image into your email and link it to the live image. The screenshot will draw them in, and the interactive image or video on your landing page will keep them there! I also recommend including instructions for recipients.  For example, “Click the image below to explore an interactive image about the U.S. Capital building”.

#2 Drive email sign ups via interactive images

On the other end of the equation, use ThingLink to drive customers to your email list. With the MailChimp rich media tag, viewers can sign up for your list right from an image. You’ve already got their attention with your interactive graphic, take that opportunity and convert them into a lead!


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Featured picture of post "How to: Using ThingLink to Enhance Email Marketing Campaigns"

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