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Image of the Week: Interactive 360° tour from Mittelbayerische

Andrew Beelitz

ThingLink user: Mittelbayerische (Click link to explore live or scroll down this post)

Description: Regional German newspaper Mittelbayerische uses ThingLink to provide more information about a historic unsolved murder mystery from 1978 with a 360° tour of the crime scene.  Clicking on each hotspot will unlock a picture taken during the investigation and descriptive text provides context for each image.  The use of a 360° image within this article creates a unique and memorable experience for the reader. 

Tip: Combining interactive images and 360° images into one article is a powerful way to enhance any article. If you scroll through this landing page notice that Mittelbayerische also includes an interactive map detailing the crime mystery.  Read this blog post for tips and ideas for creating interactive maps on ThingLink.

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