Image of the Week: Interactive timeline from El Confidencial

Creator: El Confidencial (click to explore live)

Description:  Adding contextual information to a digital timeline is difficult because content must be included below the asset.  Using ThingLink hotspots, El Confidencial seamlessly provides extra information directly on their timeline.  This keeps everything in one centralized location that is easy for readers to consume. Hover over the hotspots below to watch a YouTube video or unlock an image with text facts.  This provides technique provides clear context to any digital timeline.  

Tip: Use visual prompts to ensure mobile users see your hotspots.  El Confidencial does this with a “pointer graphic” on the top right corner of the timeline below.  Read this blog post to learn the three best ways to indicate your image is interactive



Want to learn how to make interactive timeline? Schedule a 20min screen share demo with me. 




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