Image of the Week: Discovery creates interactive graphics for Shark Week

Creator: Discovery (click to explore live)

Description: Discovery enhances digital assets with ThingLink during their annual Shark Week campaign.  Shark enthusiasts can learn more about the evolution of the shark through an interactive timeline, or how the frightening ancient Helicoprion hunted prey with an interactive diagram. 

Tip: Use custom icons that capture your readers attention.  Discovery does a perfect job of designing custom icons that match the visual style of the campaign and also pop off the page.  Uploading custom icons can be accomplished with  Professional plan and can be any shape, size, or color. 

Demo: Want to learn how to create an interactive image like Discovery?  Schedule a quick 15min screen share demo with me here to see best use cases in your vertical, and an overview of how easy it is to create interactive content with ThingLink. 



Interactive Timeline of Shark Evolution

How to Spot a Wobbegong Shark 

How Helicoprion Hunted

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