Featured picture of post "Image of the Week: Interactive Infographic from Coca-Cola"

Image of the Week: Interactive Infographic from Coca-Cola

Andrew Beelitz

Creator: Coca-Cola (click to explore live)

Description: Infographics have become one of the most popular methods for brands to display content visually.  However, sometimes it can be difficult for brands to include all of their necessary facts and information without disrupting the visual appeal of the infographic, or causing an overly cluttered user experience.  Coca-Cola uses ThingLink to include all of their content within this infographic and does so while maintaining a smooth user experience and keeping the original goal of the infographic intact. 

Special Mention: Coca-Cola links to wide diversity of call-to-actions, including relevant articles, YouTube videos, blog posts, and an overview of the ingredients in some of their most popular beverages. 


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Featured picture of post "Image of the Week: Interactive Infographic from Coca-Cola"

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