Featured picture of post "Image of the Week: Interactive home tour from The Home Lab"

Image of the Week: Interactive home tour from The Home Lab

Andrew Beelitz

ThingLink user: The Home Lab 

Description: Real estate marketing has witnessed an incredible transformation over the last ten years with the introduction of digital media.  Potential buyers can tour five spaces from a computer in the same time it would take to visit one physical property, saving valuable time and money for both buyers and agents. This property listing landing page from The Home Lab perfectly exemplifies the transformation in real estate marketing.  When buyers hover over the image it unlocks hotspots detailing the extensive updates completed.  For example, navigating over the floor reveals wire brushed hardwood oak is present throughout the home. 

Tip: Make your home tours even more engaging and unique by using 360° images instead of flat images.  View this 360° tour from Yucca Yillas to see how 360° images are being used in real estate marketing. 

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Featured picture of post "Image of the Week: Interactive home tour from The Home Lab"

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