Case Study: 4 interactive 360°/VR tours from L’Echo

Meet Nicolas Becquet, a Journalist and the Digital Platforms Manager at L’Echo. In this case study Nicolas describes his experience with ThingLink over the past five years and how he utilizes our new 360°/VR image editor for interactive virtual tours.  Continue reading and explore the four stunning interactive tours created by Nicolas. 

“I have worked with Thinglink for five years and it’s a very effective way to create rich pictures quickly. The interactive hotspots are a good way to engage our audience and ThingLink’s analytics prove that it performs well. When I discovered the 360° editor it was exciting news and so far there have been no disappointments. It happens at the right time, I was thinking how to produce 360° content for L’Echo. I like the combination between 360° and voice over, it’s a “soft” experience that lets readers discover the image guided by the voice over. It’s easy-to-use and the most important feature is the ability to move from one 360° scene to another one with transitions.

As a journalist it allows me to tell a story with pictures, text, pieces of ambient sound or voice over, and video.  These experiences are fully responsive on all devices which is critical for a media company where 50% of the audience consumes news on mobile devices. The Thinglink Team is still working on improvements, so I’m impatient to discover future features, such as 360 video!” 


Tour 1) Remember/Souvenir, Denis Meyers exibition


Tour 2) Visit the construction site of a new mall in Brussels


Tour 3) Discover the interior of a designer’s home


Tour 4) Discover the garage of this “DS” cars collector


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