Image of the Week: Interactive 360 Virtual Storefront from TV3 Norway

ThingLink user: TV3 Norway (click to explore live)

Description: A popular home redecoration show on the TV3 network called Eventyrlig Oppussing creates an interactive virtual storefront that allows viewers to purchase and learn more about the products seen in the show. Ole Peder Henriksen, Head of Creative Content at TV3 explains, “the value of the 360 experience is that we can continue to tell the story of our television program after it has aired.  This lets our viewers discover the redecoration and the partners that contributed”. 

Pro TipThis use case uses our latest 360 editor feature called “custom tags”.  With ThingLink’s five new layouts you can create a variety of customized tags, including a special e-commerce tag for virtual stores.  Watch this short demo video to learn more about custom tags and how you can use them for your 360 content. 

Interactive virtual store:

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