ThingLink of the Week: Shoppable Clothing Tips by Bioracer Speedwear

Andrew Beelitz


Creator: Bioracer Speedwear

Description: Transforming images into monetizable storefronts is one of the most popular use cases on Thinglink.  Bioracer Speedwear uses a picture of expert correspondant Jean Biermans that allow readers to shop his recommended winter training gear for cyclists.  Creating point-of-purchase tags on images is very quick and you can take a simple concept to live on site in minutes. In addition to images, make your video content shoppable with Thinglink!

Special metion: Use images that capture the eye of your readers to increase engagement.  In this use case the picture has a warm, comical vibe which makes it very relatatble. The more connection that is established, the more likely readers will convert to customers.  


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