Content Marketers Tool Kit: 4 Must-Have Content Marketing Utilities

Thankfully, the old way of creating marketing content has died. Content marketers of the past relied heavily on subject matter experts to write the content, a team of graphic designers to create an aesthetic package, and a frighteningly large budget to distribute. Unfortunately, this prevented content marketing from really taking off until somewhat recently. Today’s content marketing professional; however, is fortunate enough to have a number of valuable, highly effective tools for creating exceptional content right at their fingertips. The following are must-have tools for every content marketer.

Visual or Graphic Creation

The saying “a picture says a thousand words” rings even truer today than when it was conceived. With an abundance of content, both clever and clutter, storming our everyday lives, it is more important than ever to catch a reader’s eye. Engaging visuals help to do that, in addition to delivering your message.

Tools like Canva, iStock, and Flaticon are revolutionizing visual content, and making it possible for all marketers to create engaging visuals with little to no design experience. This has opened up a realm of visual content, such as icons, infographics, and beautiful call-to-actions that were once only accessible to teams with graphic design talent.

Content Curation

Basically every marketer knows that they need to be creating content; however, too many marketers struggle to find engaging topics to write about. Keyword research provides a solid base for topic generation, but it often falls short when building out a truly robust content schedule.

Curating quality content for both publishing and sharing has also become easier with the development of tools like Curata and Pocket. Both tools allow content marketers to curate content and keep a steady flow of content ideas.

Task and Project Management

Even creating a blog article can become a daunting project when multiple team members are involved. Ensuring alignment between content contributors is imperative to building out a robust content marketing plan; however, without a tool or process to keep all parties on-task and on-schedule creating content can become a messy, undesirable project.

Thankfully, the market for task and project management tools has seemingly exploded in recent years. Excellent, inexpensive, and easy-to-use tools like Asana, Basecamp, and Trello have all added a much needed layer of structure, organization, and focus to content creation.

Interactive Content Marketing

As previously mentioned, visual content creation is easier than ever before. Engaging graphics are being added to web pages, blog articles, and social posts; and it has truly brought the practice of content marketing to new levels. The most cutting-edge marketers; however, are raising the bar even higher by incorporating interactive content into their content marketing strategy.

Interactive content was once only available to marketers with big budgets and a development team on speed dial. ThingLink believes that interactive content should be available to all content marketers, which is why we set out to change how marketers use content to meet their business goals. Not only does ThingLink allow marketers to make static content interactive, but we also provide robust analytics to help marketers better understand and demonstrate the value of their content marketing efforts.


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