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How to Transform Canvas Courses with ThingLink Through LTI 1.3 Integration

Louise Jones

This article provides an overview of integrating ThingLink into Canvas courses using the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) 1.3 standard. This integration allows for the incorporation of interactive media elements, enhancing course material and facilitating deeper student engagement.

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The Importance of Integrating ThingLink into Canvas Courses

ThingLink provides a pathway for enhancing and amplifying course material by incorporating interactive images, videos, 360-degree media, and 3D models. By blending these various interactive components, educators can craft powerful educational experiences such as supplementary teaching materials, project-centered learning, situational contexts, virtual excursions, or educational field trips that bring a multi-layered, engaging dimension to course topics.

How to Add ThingLink Elements to Canvas Courses

Once your system admin has established the LTI 1.3 connection, instructors can easily insert ThingLink assets into their courses. To do this, simply use the “Add an activity or resource” feature within course editing. ThingLink will be listed among the available choices, enabling you to either incorporate pre-existing ThingLink assets or generate new interactive elements.

Monitoring Tracking Student Engagement

Employ ThingLink’s analytics tools, which are also accessible through Moodle, to gauge how students are interacting with the embedded media elements. This insight is invaluable for modifying both course content and instructional approaches. Additionally, any grades earned within ThingLink’s immersive scenarios will automatically be integrated into course grade books thanks to the LTI 1.3 link.

Embedding ThingLink in Canvas

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Advantages of Utilizing ThingLink in Canvas

  1. Boosted engagement: ThingLink adds an interactive overlay on various media formats, thereby enriching the learning experience for students.
  2. Resource amplification: The integration lets teachers link to external resources directly through media, offering a more comprehensive understanding of course topics.
  3. Data-driven decisions: The analytics provided by ThingLink enable instructors to fine-tune their teaching strategies based on actual student interactions. In ThingLink Scenarios student assessments / goals are written back directly to Canvas gradebooks
  4. Automated account creation: With LTI 1.3, students’ ThingLink accounts are automatically created, removing the need for any additional registration steps.

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Here’s our support article with a step-by-step walkthrough of setting this up for your organization.

Integrating ThingLink into Canvas courses via LTI 1.3 offers substantial benefits, particularly in the areas of interactive education and content amplification. Educators are encouraged to take advantage of this synergy to create a more stimulating and effective learning environment.

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