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6 examples of interactive maps using thinglink

Six examples of interactive maps

Get inspired with some great examples of map styles created by ThingLink users. Thanks to mobile apps like Google maps, we are now all used to using maps every day that contain multiple links and rich media. But you don’t need a complicated or expensive map tool to become an interactive map maker. No need for coding, web design experience, APIs or expensive GIS software. For a professional-looking interactive map now all you need is ThingLink – and a little inspiration from our community! Creating their own custom maps and infographics remains one of the most popular ways for people to use ThingLink. Here are some of our favourite examples which we hope will inspire you! 1.  Maps for orientation …

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How do you make interactive maps?

How do you create interactive maps?

“There are those who follow maps, and those who make them.” Alberto Villoldo  How to create interactive maps You don’t need to invest in an expensive map tool to create a super useful and engaging interactive map. Until recently, if you wanted to create your own smart interactive map you needed coding experience and GIS (Geographic Information System) software. Today, anyone who wants to create an engaging interactive map now has access to a range of free and simple to use tools for making any map interactive. What is the benefit of an interactive map? In short, making your maps, timelines and infographics interactive helps your audience with data visualization. Whilst maps can provide context to distance or place, they …

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Combining maps and floor plans with 360° images by the City of Espoo

ThingLink user:  City of Espoo  – interactive floor plan layered with 360° images Description:  Building interactive maps and floor plans with ThingLink is a popular way to educate viewers about physical spaces or administer virtual tours.  For example, you can create an interactive floor plan of your corporate office to acclimate new employees before their first day, or interactive maps featuring your organization’s initiatives in a certain region.  The City of Espoo, Finland layers 360° images on top of each room appearing in this floor plan of a new service center.  This virtual tour gives visitors a view inside the service center and learn where a certain service is located and how to get there.   If you are looking to acquire an easy …

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Image of the Week: Interactive Destination Maps from Blick

ThingLink user: Blick  – Interactive Maps Microsite Description:  Blick takes their storytelling to an entirely new level with this microsite featuring nine unique interactive maps.  Using ThingLink’s new image editor, each map highlights a different theme for how to spend summer holiday in Switzerland.  For example, one map highlights great places to spend time with family, while other maps review the best places to eat, relax and hike.  Readers can educate themselves by clicking on the hotspots to learn about each destination and click to view their website.  This visual experience is very engaging for viewers and replaces long-form content that is text heavy. 

Image of the Week: Interactive maps from Red Bull

ThingLink user: Red Bull  Description: One of Red Bull’s most popular events is the annual Dakar Motorsports Rally. This race is an off-road endurance event and most of the competitions are off-road, crossing dunes, mud, camel grass, and rocks.  Red Bulls uses ThingLink to recap the event to their digital audience by created a series of ThingLink interactive maps highlighting the race routes, racer biographies, highlight videos, visual data and much more. 

6 ideas for creating interactive maps on ThingLink

Maps are everywhere and represent the #1 use case amongst ThingLink users. They show your viewers where to go, what to see, and how to get there. And while they pack quite a bit of information on their own, sometimes you want to add more, without obstructing the graphics of your map. That’s where ThingLink comes in. A huge portion of our users have already realized that ThingLink is perfect for creating interactive, info packed, easy-to-navigate maps.

Image of the Week: Interactive Valentine’s Day road trip maps

Creator: Pay Day Loans Online (click to explore live Facebook post) Description: Looking for something new to do next Valentine’s Day? Romantic road trips are the perfect way to keep things fresh.  This ThingLink user takes readers on an interactive road trip with ThingLink maps.   Each map is layered with YouTube videos, images and 360 images of hotspots along the route.   Three different maps are highlighted including San Fransisco to Los Angeles, Savannah to Charleston, or Tucson to Sedona. 


Five examples of interactive content

5 types of interactive content you can easily create today with ThingLink September 14, 2022 / 4 minutes of reading / By Louise Jones Stuck in a content creation rut? We’ve done some of the hard work for you and chosen five outstanding examples created by our users. All show off just how easy it is to make any sort of content interactive, from maps, images and 360s to field trips. What is interactive content?  Interactive content is where users actively participate in it or engage with it Examples of this include answering a question or choosing an option, or even clicking on areas, tags or hotspots within the material to open up further content.  1. Interactive infographics Infographics help you explain your complex …

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How to create interactive content

How do you create interactive content?

What is interactive content?  The opposite of static or passive content, interactive content is one which users actively participate in or engage with. This could be as simple as clicking on a tag or hotspot, making a choice or answering a question.  The importance of interactive content The benefits of interactive content are huge, whatever sort of material you create. It’s widely claimed that attention spans are getting shorter and that it is becoming harder to stop users from scrolling past your content. This is the main reason why short form video content has become so popular on social media for example.  What all audiences are looking for is an engaging user experience. This is equally important whether you are …

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Carmanah create multi-use interactive content for trade shows and website

Carmanah create multi-use interactive content for trade shows and website

Background Carmanah is a company based in British Columbia, Canada, that helps improve road safety with a range of products including flashing beacons, radar speed signs and sign systems. Their products and solutions are used for crosswalks, school zones, highways and many other areas where traffic and pedestrians mix. Customers include cities, towns and transportation departments across all of North America. Carmanah have used ThingLink to create interactive content since 2018. They have embedded ThingLink content on their website to demonstrate how their products work, the technology behind them and the difference they make when used to solve a traffic challenge. Their initial ThingLink content creation solved their challenge of adding a large amount of information to the product images …

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