How To: 360° Real Estate Virtual Tours

This month in How To we are jumping into the world of 360° real estate virtual tours. Buyers these days expect much more than a basic slideshow when they see an online listing, and with the ThingLink 360° editor anyone can create stunning 360° tours that immerse buyers in a new space.

While 360° tours are already widely available, there are no options out there quite like ThingLink. With ThingLink tours can be created affordably with one plan.  Instead of paying tens of thousands for one custom job, ThingLink allows you to take your own images and add your own interactive tags. And when it comes to interactivity, we’re not just talking hopping from one room to another. Add close up images or products and features, videos that provide context, narrative audio, embeddable tools, and more. Not only can you guide viewers through the space, you can collect feedback and show them everything the listing has to offer.


How To Create a Tour

1) First thing you’ll need thePremium business plan. This lets you tag as many images as you want (that means unlimited tours!) for one affordable annual rate. 



2) Upload your 360 room photos to your ThingLink account. You can do this straight from the create page with the UPLOAD PANORAMIC IMAGE 360 button. You’ll be taken straight to the editor.



3) Our editor is so simple it only has one button! Drag your image and click the plus button to add your first tag. You’ll see four tag type options on the left: image, video, embed, and transition.



Image lets you add a an image, caption, and audio to your tag. Use this for close up images or getting another view that isn’t covered in your 360.



Video is for uploading a video file straight from your computer. This is great if you think your viewers will be exploring your tour with a VR headset.



Embed combines tools from all across the web. Embed YouTube videos, Scribd documents, Google Forms, and more. Anything that has an iframe embed code can be added to your tour here.



Transition is what takes your image from just one room to a tour. Paste the link to another room image on ThingLink here to create a transition tag that takes the viewer to the next room.



4) Share your tour across the web. ThingLink tours can be embedded anywhere they need to go, be it your website, blog, or facebook page. Just click the share button on your saved tour to find the embed code and URL.



Ready to get started?

We have even more tips and tricks to share with you that wouldn’t fit here. Check out our Real Estate Tours HQ and watch our short webinar to learn everything from adding links to taking 360 images of your space!
Have more questions about how to get started? Drop us a line and we’ll help you get set up.


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