Hall in a building

Create Immersive Virtual Tours & Expeditions with ThingLink

Are you looking to create your own Virtual Tours and three-dimensional Expeditions? Do you need to view fully immersive tours in Virtual Reality mode? ThingLink is the perfect solution for the task. This article gives you an overview of ThingLink’s virtual tour creator as well as helpful tips and tricks to create your own 3d virtual immersive experiences.

10 min read
Schematic description of the MSF rescue boat

9 Use Cases for Interactive Media in Medical & Health Care Communication and Training

Medical and health care facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, outpatient care centers, and specialized care centers, are continuously evolving high-tech working environments that operate under specified rules and regulations shared with hundreds of workers and thousands of patients daily.

10 min read
Distance learning knowledge acquisition diagram

New Tools for the Flipped School: Interactive Visual Media in Remote Learning

In any country that faces a global pandemic, decision makers need to re-evaluate the ability of their school system to provide education for their citizens.

10 min read
Screenshot of the Donate lesson window

Donate Lesson feature empowers educators to build a database of global learning resources

ThingLink has announced a new Donate Lesson feature that lets educators share distance learning materials with colleagues around the world.

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Dani Ceballos infographics card

Infographics: what are they and how to use them at work and everyday life

Interesting facts about Infographics and Interactive infographics, how they help you, and how to create your infographic design even if you've never drawn anything before.

15 min read