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Helsinki Utilities Authority Partners with ThingLink to Create a Virtual Access to a Unique Underground Facility

Looking for an alternative solution to host the international experts, HSY contacted the ThingLink to see if it was possible to put together an interactive virtual tour in just a couple of months.

University re-creates an authentic campus visit experience

With in-person tours cancelled, the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry used ThingLink to demonstrate their facilities and to recreate the student-led tours that had always proved so valuable to applicants.

Teach for America use ThingLink + Canva to create an interactive tool to assess youth-adult equity

A youth-adult fellowship used online graphic design platform Canva when creating a highly impactful ThingLink to showcase video testimonials.

Budapest museums KAPOCS - 6 museums collaborate for virtual schools tour

The Petofi Literary Museum in Budapest used ThingLink to create an interactive schools museum tour, which quickly expanded into a collaborative virtual schools visit to the six major national collections in Budapest.

University Central Lancashire - realistic patient scenarios for inter-disciplinary team training

When Covid cancelled a medical school’s in-person workshop, ThingLink provided a realistic scenario where students pieced together individual data to diagnose and create a patient management plan.

Karelia UAS - virtual learning experiences at workshops and construction sites

Some university courses can move online easily, but what about subjects involving machinery, materials and complex construction, where students would normally work in a workshop, lab or building site?

Utilising virtual tours in vocational and technical education

POKE Vocational College uses virtual tours to build an accessible learning environment in the cloud.

Students create and share immersive learning journals to help build a strong peer group community

ThingLink and the concept of Immersive Journaling - and how to combine the two to encourage a greater level of self development and community connection.

Vermont Arts online - virtual tours of museums and galleries across state closed during Covid

Curators at Middlebury College Museum of Art in Vermont developed Vermont Art Online in direct response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Virtual tour creation at Stewart's Melville college

Using a Project Based Learning approach 10 pupils aged 8-11 years worked collaboratively to build a virtual tour of their school. They planned the viewer’s pathway, collaborated on points of interest, and created media to embed in the tour.

University uses virtual tours to prepare marine biology students for coastal field trip

Undergraduate tour combines embedded study materials with useful practical advice for the students' new environment



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Virtual tours help hospitality industry to train staff and provide a better guest experience

Luxury holiday accommodation brand Hidden Highland Retreats used ThingLink to create 360 tours to improve their website and service experience as well as train their staff.

May 20, 2021 · 10 min read

Pedagogy in Practice: ThingLink in TVET and Higher Education

We are delighted to present the second of our video series covering specifically the teaching methods underpinning uses of interactive media in technical, vocational, and higher education.

May 14, 2021 · 10 min read

ThingLink's new Unsplash integration provides over a million free images for creating interactive visual media

This year we partnered with image library Unsplash to give you instant easy access to over a million searchable, free images for use in all your ThingLinks.

Apr 29, 2021 · 15 min read

Pedagogy in Practice: Teaching in Action with ThingLink

We are delighted to present our first video series covering specifically the teaching methods underpinning uses of interactive media in education.

Apr 21, 2021 · 10 min read

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Featured examples

Interactive images 360° images virtual tours Showroom, exhibitions Maps, aerial views New admissions Infographics Introductions Learning experiences Presentations Product marketing eCommerce 360° videos VR experiences Real estate

Coca-Cola Europe creates an interactive image that communicates the valuable contributions partners made during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Catalent Pharmaceuticals uses 360° image tours of their various physical locations to orient and introduce visitors virtually.

Hyrian uses a 360° image built with Unity software to showcase a virtual booth around recruitment.

Wilhelmsen uses an interactive map as a key asset to effecitively communicate daily operational updates to their 2,000+ locations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Internaional School of Budapest drives new admissions on their website to prospective students with a virtual tour experience highighting key benefits on the campus.

Surgical Information Systems creates an interactive infographic marketing the key perforamnce indicators of their products.

Bethel Elementary School uses a set of interactive images to introduce staff during their 2021 virtual open house.

HSY saves logisitcal resources by educating and orienting new employees on this key wasterwater management facility through an interactive learning visual experience.

University of Rochester Medical Center presents their expansive campus to stakeholders with this interactive virtual tour.

Pool Corp uses interactive infographics on their corporate blog to creatively market the various products and services the team offers.

University of Pittsburgh drives eCommerce, point-of-purchase sales with this shoppable room. Each ThingLink tag includes a call-to-action button linking to a specific product page.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals welcomes visitors to explore their labs through 360° videos and see where the magic happens in this state-of-the-art laboratory in San Diego.

The Maine State Archives celebrated the State of Maine’s bicentennial with special Virtual Reality (VR) experiences to help the public engage with Maine history.

Aperature Del Mar makes this real estate landing page more visually discoverable with an interactive image for buyers to learn about their corporate campus property.

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ThingLink 360° Library collection

The 360° Libary is a curated collection of professional 360° images from historical, cultural and natural sites around the world. You can choose from rainforests, deserts, capital cities and many more!

Reykjavik, Iceland

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

Vatican City

Lisbon, Portugal

Budapest, Hungary

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Clone of "My Interactive Image"

Clone of "CORONA-DIY: How to make face masks during...

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Clone of "My Interactive Image"

Clone of "Informe de sostenibilidad - Cifras"

Clone of "My Interactive Image"

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Clone of "The Great White Shark"

Clone of "Australian bushfires: your stories"

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Clone of "My Interactive Image"

Clone of "CORONA-DIY: How to make face masks during...

Clone of "Pioneer Innovative Teaching Lab"

Clone of "My Interactive Image"

Clone of "Informe de sostenibilidad - Cifras"

Clone of "My Interactive Image"

Clone of "SverigeKort"

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