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10 Reasons to Get ThingLink’s New eLearning Solution

Are you looking for solutions to boost your employees’ online training experience? Are virtual tours and workplace simulations next on the list of productivity tools you want to try out? If yes, we have a handy eLearning solution to help your company achieve optimal learning results and motivate your employees more. Immersive, easy-to-create workplace simulations will make your employees more job-ready and save you precious time and money in logistics, translation, and content production. Simulation tools help companies boost their productivity in many ways, but they also motivate employees to practice new skills and capabilities in a risk-free environment. Let’s take a closer look at why now is the time to invest in a better online learning experience. Workplace Simulation …

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Introducing Anchors For ThingLink Tags

Point Your Viewers In The Right Direction! We’ve heard from some of our fans in our ThingLink communities that sometimes the icon for a tag can obscure important parts of an image in your base media. This can be a problem for some who use intricate or detailed base images such as maps, diagrams and medical illustrations.  The ThingLink Development Team has come up with a winning solution to help with this pointy problem in the form of anchors for your tags! Anchored Tags in Action  Instructions: Adding an Anchor to your Tag* *This functionality is available when accessing the ThingLink Editor through your browser.  Add the Tag of your choice Enter your Tag content e.g text & media, tour …

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ThingLink Announces A New Scenario Builder Product for Next Generation Learning and Development

The demand for more engaging learning solutions soars and organizations turn to create digital twins of their products, processes, and facilities. To respond, ThingLink introduces a new scenario builder product for quickly creating gamified 360-degree and 3D immersive learning experiences for any platform including virtual reality (VR). The ThingLink Scenario Builder is an authoring tool for recreating real-life learning environments and situations in the cloud using interactive media. Developed along with the principles of Scenario-Based Learning (SBL), it allows educators to combine 2D, 3D, and 360-degree media into branched scenarios where learners can choose their path and move through a structured learning experience, exploring content, answering questions, and collecting points. For ThingLink, the new Scenario Builder product is a logical …

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ThingLink Interactive Media Styling Options

Launching new Layouts!

Our versatile Text and Media Tag just got even more stylish! We are delighted to share our newest development: ten new attractive layout options. Our Text and Media Tag is considered to be the most versatile of ThingLink tags enabling you to add text, audio, images, videos and even gifs in any combination.  This enables you to create attractive multi-modal ways to engage your audience. This tag type also provides readability and translation options, the description text is available to be viewed with the incredibly powerful accessibility tool Immersive Reader.  As well as now being able to choose from 2000 tag icon variations, ThingLink now offers creators styling options with new layout options to suit the presentation of your media. The layout options …

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3D Bear joins ThingLink’s Certified Partner Program

We’re excited to share 3D Bear has joined ThingLink’s Certified Partner program. 3D Bear, the provider of immersive classroom technologies and professional development, helps schools adapt new technologies and develop inspiring pedagogic content in VR and AR. Through the partnership, 3D Bear gets access to ThingLink’s new eLearning solution, which makes it easy to build branched scenarios and immersive simulations from real-life places and situations. “3D Bear has valuable experience in helping customers to choose the right solutions and develop content that paves the way for wider adoption. We look forward to collaborating in groundbreaking projects across Europe”, says Ulla-Maaria Koivula, the founder and CEO of ThingLink. “Thinglink’s easy-to-use VR authoring tool has been proven to be pedagogically powerful and has …

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Presentation platform pitch supports ThingLink

Pitch presentations now support ThingLink

Pitch, the popular collaborative presentation platform for teams, now supports ThingLink interactive media in their presentations. The support for ThingLink embeds, including interactive virtual tours and 3D models, became available for Pitch Beta users this week. Why this is great news to Pitch and ThingLink users? If you use Pitch for external or internal training, you can now make the experience  much more engaging by adding interactive videos or virtual tours in between your text and image slides.  If you use Pitch for marketing and sales, your deck can now contain an interactive product demo or a visit to a virtual showroom.  Being able to add interactive media to presentations is a popular request we get in our support. ThingLink …

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ThingLink and HighScope Indonesia announce multi-year partnership for developing interactive digital learning

The purpose of the partnership is to find new interactive solutions for student-centered and project-based learning, developing teachers’ and students’ essential digital skills. HighScope Indonesia is a private school in Jakarta offering full educational programs from preschool to highschool aged children. Founded in 1996, the school has grown from 8 to 3,000 students in 25 years. HighScope Jakarta is famous for having its own dedicated department for training, research and development that addresses academic challenges by applying research-based innovations. This can include training, developing curriculum and guidelines or refining existing approaches to teaching and learning. This year, as the school was organizing its annual conference to reflect on current experiences and practices, it decided to invite both national and international …

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doctor holding computer with 3D models in healthcare

5 ways to use interactive 3D models in healthcare

As technology continues to advance, virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D models are becoming much more commonplace across all industries, particularly healthcare. Here are 5 examples where 3D annotation helps healthcare.

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