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Immersive Employee Training for the Manufacturing Industry

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ThingLink offers an easy, secure, and cost-effective no-code solution for training manufacturing employees and contractors to operate in physical work environments

ThingLink Editor on iPad and iPhone

Provide mandatory onboarding and continuous training for factory floor and maintenance employees and contractors, via immersive safety tours and interactive walk-throughs. Any complex or hazardous machinery training can be delivered in a safe environment.

Easily create multilingual simulations and technical training modules for remote or on-site immersive training - all with comprehensive learning metrics. Develop interactive product manuals for resellers, agents and end-users that can be updated in real time.

Support of translations in ThingLink UI

Explore Use Cases

Virtual Walkthrough of Large-Scale Machinery Interactive Virtual Campus Tour Interactive Technical Manuals AR Machinery Maintenance Machinery Operating Guide Virtual Maintenance Training

Compressor manufacturer KAESER creates virtual tours of their large enclosures for remote customers and sales agents to explore when they can’t visit the plant in person.

Scientific instrument manufacturer Vaisala created virtual tours of their cutting-edge R&D center and other facilities, to attract new talent and showcase their operations to customers, partners and employees worldwide.

WaterLAB’s interactive step-by-step product installation guides for technicians include 360 images, 3D models and videos demonstrating each part of the process, with 16 languages to choose from.

WaterLAB created interactive AR guides for troubleshooting and maintenance of complex machinery and instruments, reducing costly errors, repairs and replacement part lead-times and increasing employee accuracy and competency.

WinNova’s interactive 360 guide to the Ponsse Scorpion provides operators with safe familiarization with the features and functions of this complex, valuable and potentially hazardous machinery.

WaterLAB’s interactive step-by-step product maintenance guides for technicians include 360 images and videos demonstrating each part of the process

The Benefits of Immersive Learning with ThingLink

ThingLink Editor UI
  • Digitalize employee training and development initiatives with immersive learning environments that are cost-efficient, engaging, and secure.
  • Prepare new employees for the work environment and specific skills required with practice-related scenarios.
  • Make sure employees have 24/7 access to digital support materials.
  • Increase transparency and familiarity between organizational departments.
ThingLink UI on a smartphone
  • Promote upskilling and other skills training needs with continuous, experiential learning and virtual orientations of real-world sites.
  • Create more inclusive training with multilingual materials, readable on all devices, with built-in accessibility features.
  • Save time spent on organizing training sessions.
  • More efficient and engaging compliance training with tailored, immersive learning experiences leveraging mixed reality and gamification.

Challenges we help you solve

Workers on a factory

Recruitment: Attracting and onboarding new employees and maintenance workers is inefficient.

Knowledge Retention: It can be hard to learn and recall high volumes of technical information using traditional training methods. E-learning programs and online courses can be repetitive and text-heavy, impacting learner engagement.

Languages: You need to provide employee training programs and materials in multiple languages and accessible formats.

Cost: On-site training experiences are expensive. Custom employee learning and development materials are difficult and costly to update, especially if leveraging VR training.

Motivation: Insufficient orientation for new hires, and skill development for current staff lowers employee performance, job satisfaction, motivation and employee retention.

Person with a VR headset

4-5 times faster training, better learning results

50-80% savings in logistics

30% less internal support requests

24/7 access to interactive manuals and technical instructions in any languages

Product suite for immersive content and course creation

ThingLink Multimedia Editor

Multimedia Editor

ThinLink Course Creator

Course Creator

ThinLink Guided Tours

Guided Tours

ThingLink AR App

AR Solution

ThinLink Unity plug-in

Unity Plug-in

ThinLink AI Assisted Creation

AI Assisted Creation

Why is ThingLink the best solution for you?

Finish screen of a ThingLink Scenario

Real-life scenarios

The easiest and fastest immersive simulation creator tool on the market for workplace learning. Up to 80% faster learning scenario creation compared to the competitors.

Factory worker

Integrations and partnerships

Most versatile integrations and sharing options. SSO, LTI, PowerPoint, Teams, Canva and custom API empower your team members to amplify training impact effortlessly. Unity plug-in for annotating and sharing your 3D virtual models, digital twins and other Unity environments.

Flags of countries


Content is accessible in any language with automatic language translation on web, mobile, Augmented Reality/AR and Virtual Reality/VR. Expand your reach and engage learners worldwide more easily.

VR headset and ThingLink Editor

Adaptive XR (Extended Reality/Mixed Reality) training options

Streamlined and accessible XR and VR training from any device, including VR headsets.

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Trusted global partner

Over 10 million users and 1000 companies including hospitals, assisted living and nursing homes, medical, nursing and dental schools, healthcare organizations.

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Scalable and cost-effective immersive technologies

Cost-effective, scalable and secure: highly effective employee training solutions within your budget.

Estimate impact with ROI Calculator

Virtual learning experiences make training faster and more cost-efficient. Estimate how much resources your organization can save with ThingLink's learning solution.

Average onsite training time 3
1 hour 20 hours
Average cost per hour 50
$1 $500
Number of learners 100
1 5000
$15,000 Current cost of training
$7,500 Future cost of training

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Fixed annual plan

Fixed annual plans offer enterprise customers predictability, financial savings, reduced administrative effort, enhanced service levels, and alignment with internal policies and strategic goals. Annual plans are an attractive option for large organizations looking to optimize their software investments and ensure smooth, uninterrupted operations.

Flexible monthly plan

Our monthly plan offers a low entry barrier to test the Immersive Course Creator in short-term projects. It provides our customers with the flexibility to scale, adapt, and align costs as usage grows. Monthly plans can be paused and reactivated based on usage and budget constraints.

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