Image of the Week: Interactive Christmas blog from At Home

  Creator: At Home Description: With Christmas right around the corner it is time to start thinking of everyone’s favorite activity – decorating!  At Home uses Thinglink to transform their blog’s visual media into digital storefronts for decorating front porches on Christmas.  Our favorite is the Winter Willow Tree, check it out! 

Image of the Week: Interactive Portfolio by Kutnicki Bernstein Architects

  Creator: Kutnicki Bernstein Architects Description: Kutnicki Berstein Architects from New York uses Thinglink to transform their homepage into an interactive map portfolio.  This map is used to depict KBA’s current projects through various clickable image hotspots. As a viewer I am able to unlock location specific content through a map in a user friendly experience. 

ThingLink of the Week: Shoppable Clothing Tips by Bioracer Speedwear

  Creator: Bioracer Speedwear Description: Transforming images into monetizable storefronts is one of the most popular use cases on Thinglink.  Bioracer Speedwear uses a picture of expert correspondant Jean Biermans that allow readers to shop his recommended winter training gear for cyclists.  Creating point-of-purchase tags on images is very quick and you can take a simple concept to live on site in minutes. In addition to images, make your video content shoppable with Thinglink!

Interactive 360 Degree Videos: A Demo For A New User Interface

VR-style 360 degree videos are a modern trend in video production for many brands and media companies around the world. Individual users, especially in sports, are also welcoming the new technology via solutions such as 360-degree camera array built out of 16 GoPros. But what about interactive 360 degree videos? Our product team recently built a demo to explore the user experience for an interactive 360 degree video for desktops, mobile devices, and VR-set environments. Here is ThingLink’s Head of Product, Alexey Solomatin, explaining what they did.

Building Interactive Listlicles, Product Catalogs, and Virtual Tours with ThingLink

Channels are a little known ThingLink feature that can have a seriously large impact on your content. Instead of sharing one great image, Channels let you combine your work into a collection of interactive media. Simple to create, these clean and beautiful slideshows take you beyond interactive images, to interactive lookbooks, galleries and more!

Image of the Week: Callaway Golf Treats Morgan Pressel Fans With an Interactive Selfie

  Creator: Callaway Golf Description: Every other year teams from the LPGA representing the United States and Europe tee off against one another for a chance to win the Solheim Cup.  This year the US women took home the trophy at the historic St. Leon-Rot Golf Club in Germany.  Prior to the tournament, Callaway Golf used ThingLink to introduce a key member of the US team, Morgan Pressel.  This normal selfie was transformed into a content discovery platform where fans were able to see what gear Morgan was taking on the trip to Germany (including a GoPro!), watch helpful putting tips from the star, and much more. Use ThingLink for a new innovative way to introduce virtually anyone from key subjects in a news story to your company’s online team photo.  

Image of the Week: Interactive Fall TV Preview on Facebook by Entertainment Weekly

  Creator: Entertainment Weekly Description: Have you ever wanted to include more than one call-to-action to a Facebook post? ThingLink lets you add multiple web links within one image post brining a new dimension to the user experience. In this example, Entertainment Weekly uses ThingLink to embed several YouTube videos inside their Weekly Roundup post. This invites fans to spend more time with the update and consume extra content without leaving the post.  

4 Creative Ways Content Marketers Use Interactive Content

Content marketers are always looking for innovative ways to create and distribute content in hopes of interacting with their audience. Here at ThingLink, we are fortunate enough to be connected with many content marketing professionals across a variety of different industries and companies, all with a common goal: create and share content that engages and educates a specific audience.

Image of the Week: Meet the 2016 Presidential Candidates

Creator: Purple Politics  Description:  The 2016 Presidential race is crowded with candidates, and each one of them has their own views on major global topics.  This surplus of information can make it challenging for media companies to articulate to their readers without overwhelming them.  In this week’s Image of the Week, we highlight the ability to organize multiple data sets and points by using interactive images. 

Using ThingLink and Facebook Apps to Promote Your Music

Just about every artist out there uses Facebook in some capacity to spread their music and their brand. While we all want our fans to connect with us on social media, it can be downright challenging making a Facebook page that stands out from every other artist or band. Adding a ThingLink tab to your Facebook page can be just the boost you need to separate your page from the rest of the pack.

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