Interactive infographic of the week: “The first powered flight” by Europa Press

This weeks featured image focuses on transforming an infograhic into an interactive history lesson. Hover over the hotspots to learn more about the Wright Brother’s first craft, where their inventions were built, and how they changed the world with the first powered flight.

Content Marketers Tool Kit: 4 Must-Have Content Marketing Utilities

Thankfully, the old way of creating marketing content has died. Content marketers of the past relied heavily on subject matter experts to write the content, a team of graphic designers to create an aesthetic package, and a frighteningly large budget to distribute. Unfortunately, this prevented content marketing from really taking off until somewhat recently. Today’s content marketing professional; however, is fortunate enough to have a number of valuable, highly effective tools for creating exceptional content right at their fingertips. The following are must-have tools for every content marketer.

ThingLink’s #lookingfor campaign puts you on a digital billboard

Just last week we found out that ThingLink won a full month of advertising space in a little known Western Finnish town called Seinäjoki.  What makes the win particularly special is the fact that we didn’t know about the competition, nor did we sign up for it — it was a beautiful practical joke by one of our dear users. Even if we haven’t really thought about Seinäjoki as one of our hottest markets, it would be a shame to pass up this  opportunity.  Instead, we’re quite excited about owning the billboards of Seinäjoki for the month of September — together with our users. 

The business case for interactive video

ThingLink’s new video editor allows users to amplify existing video content with context and resources from the web. While classroom use has been ThingLink’s prime example of using interactive video for educational purposes, we are now seeing the potential for interactive video also for business’ instructional goals.

ThingLink Launches Certified Partner Program for Marketing Professionals

We are excited to announce a globally available Certified Partner Program targeted to marketing professionals in the digital media space. Our Certified Partner program offers training for consultants and agencies in visual content marketing using interactive images and video. The program features a commission structure that offers Certified Partners up to 20 percent commission for new client revenue.

How to improve the ROI of social media with interactive images and video

Marketing managers who ignore looking deeper into image and video analytics are letting valuable opportunities pass by. The capability for making online marketing work requires a deeper understanding on how the most popular content in social media – images and videos – can best contribute to reaching the ultimate business goals. 

How healthcare and logistics virtual learning environments motivate students in Raseko, Finland

In the fields of health care and logistics, hands-on experience is the key. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the teachers of Raseko in Finland created virtual learning environments with ThingLink. Students practice, for example, changing sheets in a hospital and driving a forklift virtually. Students can learn the basic skills from home and are then more prepared to move on to contact teaching.

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