ThingLink ja Canva: Nyt kuka tahansa voi luoda upeita interaktiivisia esityksiä (Clone)

ThingLink lanseerasi tällä viikolla integraation Canvan, maailmanlaajuisen visuaalisen viestintäalustan, kanssa. Mahdollisuus luoda perusgrafiikkaa Canvan avulla lisätään suoraan ThingLinkin editoriin, jolloin käyttäjät voivat nopeasti luoda upean näköisiä interaktiivisia esityksiä verkkokoulutuksiin, markkinointiin ja viestintään.

ThingLink and Canva: Now anyone can create stunning interactive media

ThingLink has today announced an integration with Canva, the global visual communications platform. You can now create base graphics with Canva directly in ThingLink’s creation flow. This means that users can quickly create professional-looking interactive materials for online education, training, marketing and communications.

University of Applied Sciences Karelia keeps doors open with virtual learning experiences at workshops and construction sites

Some university courses can move online easily, but what about subjects involving machinery, materials and complex construction, where students would normally work in a workshop, lab or building site? Karelia University used ThingLink to bridge the gap! Karelia University of Applied Sciences is located in the city of Joensuu, eastern Finland and runs courses to bachelor and masters level in seven fields. Within the field of civil engineering, their special area of expertise is wood construction. When Covid restrictions on university teaching were introduced, tutor Ville Mertanen, Project Specialist in Wood Construction, had to quickly create an introduction to all the workshop machinery which students would be using regularly when back on-site.

How to embed web-based tools and sites into a ThingLink

Keep Everyone on the Same Page! How to embed web-based tools and sites into a ThingLink. The ThingLink editor provides 4 incredibly powerful tag types:  A combination Text and Media Tag, a plain Text Tag, a Tour Tag to link your ThingLinks together and – last but by no means least – the impressively versatile ‘Embed Tag’. In this post we provide a little more information on the what, how and why of using this deceptively simple yet impactful tag.

NEW! ThingLink Saimaa – a next level user interface for streamlined content management of interactive media (updated 2021)

February 22, 2021 – ThingLink Saimaa Interface Update In 2021 people are adopting new solutions for online learning and publishing at a faster rate than ever. At ThingLink, the increased demand shows up as a 50% increase in new monthly signups.  Over 100,000 new users login to ThingLink every month to create engaging visual experiences for their students, employees or customers. For many, ThingLink has become a home for hundreds, even thousands of interactive media. Our new interface offers them improved options for arranging and managing this content.

360 Images – Fake it and Make it!

Create your own 360° Gallery with our new Canva Template and ThingLink It! The ThingLink Team are often asked for advice on how to create 360 images. We have created support pages on taking 360 images using a 360 camera or even with a smartphone and app such as Google Street View.  

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