10 perfect templates for creating interactive learning experiences with ThingLink and Canva

Of the many ways ThingLink has been used to create wonderful interactive learning experiences, we picked top 10 and converted them to special Canva templates you can use with students! Canva is a top favorite graphic design tool mainly because it is so easy to use by anyone, designers and non-designers alike. The same goes with ThingLink – we make interactive and immersive media creation easy for everyone. In addition to our shiny new integration that brings Canva directly to ThingLink’s editor flow, our team has curated a collection of top 10 use examples for education and turned these into cool interactive design templates that are available for teachers on the free Canva and ThingLink education accounts! 

Samiedu Vocational College uses ThingLink to organize live guided virtual tours in Microsoft Teams

During the COVID-19 pandemic, physical school visits cannot be arranged. At Samiedu Vocational College in Eastern Finland, school visits and recreational visits to the town of Savonlinna are made virtually with ThingLink. New students get to know the degree programs in advance and international guests learn from the real-life guide in real time on Teams – not only about the school but also about the Finnish sauna tradition.

Education: Why upgrade?

Luke Edwards recently wrote in Tech and Learning, “ThingLink is a powerful way to use technology to make education more engaging. It does this by allowing teachers to turn any image, video, or 360-degree VR shot into a learning experience.”  A good summary of what the tool allows users to do, but with the right team, students, or educators it can be so much more.

Case study: Virtual tours help hospitality industry to train staff and provide a better guest experience

Luxury holiday accommodation brand Hidden Highland Retreats used ThingLink to create 360 tours to improve their website and service experience as well as train their staff. A virtual introduction of the property has improved communication with customers, saved time,  cut down on errors, and helped cross-sell their services across properties.

Pedagogy in Practice: ThingLink in TVET and Higher Education

We are delighted to present the second of our video series covering specifically the teaching methods underpinning uses of interactive media in technical, vocational, and higher education. The ‘teaching in action’ videos presented here, with narration, take you through a journey looking at virtual tours, documenting learning, and creating immersive learning materials. 

Canva and ThingLink Joint Webinar for Educators May 2021

Last month we announced a partnership with Canva – the super popular visual communications platform from Australia whose vision is to empower everyone to design. By adding a Canva button directly in the ThingLink creation flow, making professional-looking interactive graphics and learning materials became even quicker and easier!

ThingLink’s new Unsplash integration provides over a million free images for creating interactive visual media

This year we partnered with image library Unsplash to give you instant easy access to over a million searchable, free images for use in all your ThingLinks. We know that it can sometimes be tricky to source the perfect great quality royalty-free image for your interactive creations. But with our new Unsplash library feature, you can search and choose high resolution images that will always be free  – even for all commercial uses.

Virtuaaliset yritysesittelyt kutsuvat opiskelijoita vierailuille

Normaalioloissa yritykset voivat järjestää opiskelijoille vierailuja tiloihinsa, kertoa kasvokkain työelämän tarjoamista mahdollisuuksista ja järjestää yhteisiä projekteja yrityksen ja koulun tiloissa. Pandemian aikana tämä ei yleensä ole mahdollista, joten yritykset ovat siirtyneet luoviin, interaktiivisiin ratkaisuihin. ThingLinkillä toteutettavat virtuaalivierailut mahdollistavat tutustumisen yritysten tiloihin ja toimintatapoihin myös poikkeusoloissa. Yhteiset projektitkin voidaan toteuttaa digitaalisesti esimerkiksi ThingLinkin jaettujen kansioiden ja sisältöjen yhteiseditoinnin kautta.

Pedagogy in Practice: Teaching in Action with ThingLink

We are delighted to present our first video series covering  specifically the teaching methods underpinning uses of interactive media in education. The ‘teaching in action’ videos presented here, with narration, take you through a journey looking at bringing concepts to life for learners, documenting learning, virtual tours and creating engaging and exiting learning experiences. Each short video explores a use case with explanation of the teaching methods in action. The second part of the video series (coming soon) will look a little more closely at the pedagogical uses of ThingLink in Technical, Vocational, Education & Training (TVET) settings. 

Increase new admissions and enquiries with a virtual visit to your school

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, educational institutions relied heavily on in-person visits to attract new admissions for the following school year. With limits on physical visits, school admission teams are increasingly relying on digital marketing and communications and are using ThingLink to create engaging virtual visits instead. 

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