Medical school uses interactive media to recreate realistic emergency scenarios

The medical school at the University of Central Lancashire uses real-life escape rooms to recreate typical time-critical emergencies for students. They used ThingLink to recreate the experience virtually and it proved to be a powerful tool for achieving learning outcomes, but also for improving teamwork.

An easy guide for annotating 3D models

ThingLink has today announced last week a new feature that allows users to create interactive 3D models as easily as they create interactive images, videos and virtual tours. The feature is based on ThingLink’s patented solution for creating embeddable interactive media with dynamic hotspots that can contain text, images, video, questions, as well as web links or embeds from other websites and services. 

ThingLink unveils easy 3D model annotation

The interactive media platform ThingLink now supports 3D model annotation. In addition to images and videos, ThingLink content creators can now also enhance 3D models with information hotspots. You can include text and voice notes, video embeds, links and questions. You can then share these annotated 3D models on websites, LMS, social media, and Microsoft Teams.

10 New Product Updates from ThingLink

ThingLink keeps getting better every month, and over the last 20 months, our product team has released an impressive number of new features and upgrades – almost all in response to feedback and requests from our community of creators. Click the interactive ThingLink (and links) below to see some of them in action! This blog post summarizes the latest since our last roundup post of 2019.

ThingLink and Thinkific announce partnership bringing immersive media to online course creators

ThingLink is today announcing an integration with the popular course creation platform Thinkific. For ThingLink, this partnership is a strategic expansion towards the online course and learning content space. For Thinkific, it offers a complementary solution for creating visually engaging, immersive learning experiences that generate new analytics on learner engagement and progress.

10 Business templates for creating interactive content with ThingLink and Canva

Using ThingLink for your business? Great news: Our team has curated a collection of top 10 examples of ready-to-use Canva design templates that you can access for free! Whether you’re pitching a start-up, creating marketing and sales materials, communicating internally, or creating reports for decision-makers, interactive multimedia can help you say it better. Integrating Canva into ThingLink’s creation flow means that now it is even easier for ThingLink users to create professional-looking hypermedia experiences – not only for education teams but also for business, marketing and HR teams!

Building digital skills using a virtual learning environment

Home care workers need a wide range of digital skills in their work and play a key role in motivating the clients to use digital services. However, in the midst of busy work, the threshold for updating skills can be high. At Tampere University of Applied Sciences TAMK in western Finland, the challenge was solved by creating an interactive Village of Homes learning environment with ThingLink, through which home care professionals can practice digital skills in the right environment, virtually at the homes of example clients. During the pandemic, the material has also been widely included in social and health studies and the feedback has been excellent.

10 perfect templates for creating interactive learning experiences with ThingLink and Canva

Of the many ways ThingLink has been used to create wonderful interactive learning experiences, we picked top 10 and converted them to special Canva templates you can use with students! Canva is a top favorite graphic design tool mainly because it is so easy to use by anyone, designers and non-designers alike. The same goes with ThingLink – we make interactive and immersive media creation easy for everyone. In addition to our shiny new integration that brings Canva directly to ThingLink’s editor flow, our team has curated a collection of top 10 use examples for education and turned these into cool interactive design templates that are available for teachers on the free Canva and ThingLink education accounts! 

Samiedu Vocational College uses ThingLink to organize live guided virtual tours in Microsoft Teams

During the COVID-19 pandemic, physical school visits cannot be arranged. At Samiedu Vocational College in Eastern Finland, school visits and recreational visits to the town of Savonlinna are made virtually with ThingLink. New students get to know the degree programs in advance and international guests learn from the real-life guide in real time on Teams – not only about the school but also about the Finnish sauna tradition.

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